Tuesday, September 17, 2013


A few days ago I was lying in bed and couldn't fall asleep. Words were spinning and twisting around in in my head and wouldn't let my mind rest until I wrote them down. So i just wrote...  

In Darkness 

Once, I was afraid of the dark. 
It seemed to me only those who were weak entered there. 
Only those who had no choice. 
No power. 

But the darkness, I've learned,
... is quiet. 
Its calm. Oh, so very calm. 
Well... besides the guilt... 
and regret... 
and constant voices... 
other than that, its remarkably calm. 

There are no flaws in the dark. 
... I guess technically they are still there, 
But in the dark, no one else can see them 
And that makes it seem like they don't even exist anymore. 

The darkness is peaceful. 
There is no one around to tell you what to do, 
Or what not to do... 
No one else around...
No one... 

I guess the dark isn't so scary. 
Its actually quite comforting. 
Like an invisible down comforter surrounding you. 
A cozy blanket thats slowly suffocating you. 
Bit by bit... 
Cutting off your air. 

You don't really notice it at first, 
Because its just so warm. 
But that first time you take a deep breath...
Thats when you realize. 
There's not much air left. 

Its hard to say, 
How long one can survive, 
Under the suffocating blanket. 
An hour? 
A week? 
A year? 
Its too hard to determine. 

But its just so cozy, here in the dark. 
So lets just give it a while longer... 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Alberta Floods 2013 - My beautiful Calgary... under water.

If you haven't heard, our province was hit with devastating floods the past few days. I have lived in Calgary my entire life (almost 30 years) and have never seen anything of this magnitude before. The boyfriend and I are lucky enough to live way up high on a hill and a bit away from the river so we were not effected. 
The city of High River on Thursday afternoon. Via Twitter.

I did however have to go and rescue my sister on Thursday night who lives in an area close to the river and doesn't have a vehicle. I left my home immediately when they announced the evacuation of her area and was there within ten minutes. If I would have left even five minutes later I would have been driving though water to get her. It was creeping up just a few feet from my car and starting to flood homes as I was driving by. As we turned the corner around her house and passed over the bridge by Bowness Park... it was devastating to see an area that should be an ice rink in the winter and then park and picnic areas which are normally spread out and far from the river now completely submerged. Water so high that it was half way up the trees in the highest elevation areas. 

Old Man dam being opened on Thursday night. via Twitter. 

These photos below were taken very close to my home. This is normally the area I walk through to get home after work. Those trees should not be under water...

This video (found via twitter) was taken in this exact area.

Water flooding all areas near the river. 

Calgary is supposed to have the Stampede (the biggest outdoor show on earth) in less than two weeks. TWO WEEKS! But this is what the Stampede grounds look like right now.

It would be a complete miracle to pull it off this year. But crews (and all citizens) are determined. It may not be the Stampede we normally see but it will happen and I will be there full of pride.

These are photos I have taken myself (unless noted differently) and they don't even show the beginning of the damage and devastation all across the province. Thousands of people have completely lost their homes, many washed away in the river.

This truly has been devastating and as far as we know there have been three fatalities in the extremely hard hit areas outside of Calgary. The damage will be insurmountable when the water finally all recedes.

Although this has been completely unbelievable to live through, I have honestly never been more proud to be an Albertan. Approximately 75,000 people were evacuated from their homes and only about 1500 had to go to the evacuation center's. Everyone else was taken in by friends, family and some even by strangers who are in safe areas. That is remarkable.

The entire province (and actually all across the country) have extended a helping hand and are willing to help out anyway they can.

Food trucks offered their services and took post at the evacuation center's. Restaurants have opened their doors (and menu's) for anyone who had to leave their home.

Anyone and everyone has lent a helping hand and this is just the beginning. The clean up will be a long and daunting process and we will all be there for each other as a community.

The biggest thank you's have to go out to our Mayor Nahid Nenshi and the entire city counsel as well as all City of Calgary crews, Calgary Police, all fire crews, all military crews (including my boyfriend's brother) and all media for keeping the entire city well informed and most importantly, safe and dry. Your efforts and hard work is truly amazing and does not go unnoticed. We as a community cannot thank you enough.

My thoughts go out to everyone effected by the flooding.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

30 Before 30 List - the (almost) halfway point update

I am about halfway through the year I gave myself to accomplish everything on my 30 Before 30 list and I think I'm doing pretty good so far! 

30 Before 30

1 – Host a dinner party for 6 people. - Not crossed off yet but I plan on having an outdoor dinner later in the summer :) 
2 – Lose at least 30 lbs - Working on it... 
3 – Lay on a beach in the sun while drinking margaritas 
4 – Blog 30 days in a row
5 – Sing karaoke - CHECK! Sang Shania with the bride at a wedding last weekend. It was quite the show. LOL 
6 - Have $_____ in savings (I know the number but I don't think I need to put it onto my blog) - About half way to the goal. Right on track. 
7 - Celebrate my 30th b-day in style! - Can't be checked off until the end of the year obvs. 
8 – Write a good chunk of my book - This is a work in progress. And it has been on my mind a lot lately. I need to take a few days to myself and type out what is all in my head. 
9 – Host a theme party - I have plans... oh do I have plans! But for later in the year. 
10 – Have a completely Sober October
11 – Do something that is completely selfless - Not quite sure if I am counting this as my "selfless act" but I just gave away about half of my wardrobe. FIVE suitcases worth. 
12 – Do something that scares me - CHECK! Done a few so far this year: Went into this CREEPY (at first) cave at Ainsworth Hot Springs, still need to blog about that trip! And I also pet a manta-ray in Vegas! 

13 – Send 5 people cards for no reason in particular except to make their day.
14 – Forgive my sister…
15 – Wear red lipstick (not on Halloween)
16 – Write a poem that I’m proud of
17 – Fly a kite
18 – Play hooky from work and get day drunk
19 – Watch every movie that has won an Academy Award for Best Picture (already started this one! If you want a copy of the list let me know) - This is a work in progress, I've watched 27 out of 85 so far. 
20 – Create a funny youtube video. - CHECK! There are actually 3 or 4 different videos technically. BiSC was truly amazing. 

21 – Try 10 foods I’ve never had before. - CHECK! - dried mango, gnocchi, Shamrock Shake, spaghetti squash, buffalo, fennel, crawfish, ever-clear, biscuits and gravy, snapper. 
22 – Sign up for a fitness class and attend all classes. No excuses. - CHECK! - Zumba, two rounds. Boom! 
23 – Cook a new recipe every month. One that I’ve never tried before. - Right on track! January was a buffalo chicken meatloaf. February was roasted butternut squash soup. March was scalloped corn. April was roasted spaghetti squash and then May was a spicy turkey spaghetti sauce on spaghetti squash. Can you tell I really like spaghetti squash now? 
24 – Go on a vacation, somewhere hot. - CHECK! ... VEGAS!!!! 
25 – Put a tag/sticker on ALL articles of my clothes and shoes. If I don’t wear it by the end of the year, get rid of it. - I didn't put stickers/tags on but I went through EVERYTHING a few weeks ago when I was getting rid of a lot of clothes so I know what I have worn this year and what I haven't yet. 
26 – Try to only wax my legs for the whole year, no shaving. - Totally been doing this all year and it's been awesome so far. I may even stick with this forever? 
27 – Buy coffee for the person behind me in line at Tim Horton’s. - CHECK!
28 – Teach someone something new. - CHECK! Taught a few people how to gamble in Vegas! 
29 – Figure out the “art” of liquid eye liner. - CHECK! 
30 – Drink tea everyday. - Been pretty much on track with this too! 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Bloggers in Sin City Recap - The Final Episode

Life Lessons Learned in Las Vegas: 

The Las Vegas airport has two completely separate terminals. Which means folks you know arriving at the same time may not be at the same baggage claim as you. This was news to me even though I had been to Vegas four times perviously. 

Don’t drink the ever-clear. It will only lead to bad things. Especially when you choose to drink it in copious amounts.  

Chicken and waffles are a thing… a very BIG and delicious thing.

Tiff is the most amazing person at dividing bills for large parties. All servers should bow down to her. It wouldn't surprise me if they end up tipping her one day. 

Don't take the free sample of the “energy gum”. It tastes like pennies and won’t give you extra energy. Lies I tell you.

Sharks... because Vegas! 

Watch out for hidden glass floors because SHARKS and Vegas!

When you hug someone for 8 seconds, you bond. It’s been proven. And when you hug someone for 45 seconds or longer you instantly become life long friends.

Food courts are the best place for bonding at 3:00 am. The best. 

Everyone has a story and you would be surprised at how similar others are to yours. We are never alone.

The "O" Cirque du Soleil show is the best of the cirque shows. 

 If you’re not tired at 2:00am… GET UP! It’s Vegas! Sleeping is for being at home.

Silicon and Silicone are two very different things. And silicone breast implants have nothing to do with "Silicon Valley".  The more you know. 

Solar panel breast implants need to become a thing. You know… so we can charge our phones in our cleavage.

 Nico apparently knows Vegas very well… you know… because he is Phillipino…?

 It IS actually possible to krump in a pool. And when you are Casey, it still looks as bad-ass as when you do it on dry land. 

 According to the conversations we had about this topic (multiple times), Canadians apparently say “mmm hmm” differently that Americans. Canadians say mm-hmmmmmmm…. And drag out the hmmm in a calming agreement. Yet Americans add a question mark at the end. “mmm hmmmm? As in ‘Do I agree with you?’”. 

 Biscuits and Sausage gravy at breakfast. This invention is delicious. Who knew? Yet this must remain in the U.S. or I would just eat them at all the breakfasts!

The party is wherever you want it to be. Even in an H&M fitting room.

All the feelings come out when folks wear wigs to brunch.

Don’t even bother packing heels. You are wasting precious suitcase space.

True friends can be found anywhere in the world You just have to open your heart and mind and not be afraid to take a chance.

Biscuits equals family. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

All it takes is a seed… and a little love.

A few months ago I spearheaded a Get Fit Challenge at my office. My goal was to get people moving and more aware of the healthier choices they can make on a day to day basis. I really didn’t know at the time what would become of it but I was determined to try.

In January I got the challenge going and “planted the seed”. With a bit of motivation and support that still seems to be growing every week, that little seed has become a full grown tree!!

Our group has grown in numbers and what started out as three or four people working out together has turned into a big group that does workouts together three times a week. Because we have all worked so hard the last few months most of us are able to go jogging now on our lunch hours. Something a lot of us couldn’t do three months ago. We also have a Zumba instructor that comes to teach a class once a week (who I found through Twitter… the internet is amazing!).

The official challenge was for three months and was based on percentage of weight loss. The lady who won lost over 26 pounds!! She came to me after and said “If it wasn’t for your motivation this whole time I wouldn’t have been able to stick with this”.

The other day in Zumba I had a beautiful moment. I looked around the room during one song and saw 15 women dancing, laughing, sweating and being active. I got chills. None of this would have happened if I didn’t plant the seed at the beginning of the year.

Motivation is something that spreads when you give it to others. Happiness is something that spreads even quicker. This challenge is a reminder to me that when you put effort into something, it can grow and become the most wonderful, rewarding thing.

The challenge wasn’t just about weight loss for me. It was about feeling better, getting healthier and building a better team atmosphere in my office. Check, check and CHECK!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

You guys!!!

There's something I totally forgot to tell you!
(unless you follow me on Twitter. Because on Twitter it's been my main topic of conversation for the last couple of months... I'm kind of excited...)

I'm going to Vegas!!
In about a month.

To be more specific... I'm going to Bloggers in Sin City!!!!!

You may remember that I went to this same "Un-Conference" back in 2011. (Read that recap here)
Unfortunately due to finances I couldn't go last year BUT all the stars and blogging gods aligned for me and I was able to register for this year!! Thank goodness too because sadly this will be the final year.

Needless to say, the next 36 days better go by quickly. Tackle hugs for old and new friends await!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Negative Nancy's

A while back I was having a conversation with someone about pregnancy. And age.

This person is a few years younger than me (I will be 30 this year) and apparently has very different views on pregnancy than me. At the time of this conversation she had been married for about a year and trying to have a baby... totally normal right? Except that she was trying everything in her power to get pregnant AS SOON AS POSSIBLE like the world was going to end or like her window for having a baby was ending in 6 months. I was trying to be a supportive friend and saying things to her like "don't worry, it will happen when its meant to happen" (because thats how I truly feel life works) and she was talking about surrogacy and adoption. After only a year or so of trying. At age 25. Like seriously...

Anyways... to each their own.

She proceeded to tell me about how much the rate of a successful pregnancy drops after the age of 35. I responded with "well... I'm almost 30 and not married nor planning to have kids anytime soon. So changes are I will be close to 35, if not over, by the time I have a baby. I don't really think there is anything wrong with that... I understand if we were talking about someone who is in their late 40's or almost 50, but so many women are having babies later these days and I am totally on board with that. Especially since I will probably be one of them".

Long story short... she went on to tell me that its "cruel to get pregnant after the age of 35". And that "age is a degenerative disease." She asked "would you want to get pregnant knowing you have a degenerative disease like cancer or something and would probably die when your child was still young?".


I politely ended the conversation because I was truly in shock at the time and didn't know what to say with out ending a friendship. But its been a few months now and my response is finally something I can put into words, even if its only on my blog and not to her face.

First of all... every single one if us gets older every second of the day. So there's no getting out of that "degenerative disease". Suck it up princess.

Second... if you are so scared about being old and dying too young... you are going to suck at that whole parenting thing. That shit is way scarier than getting old and you are going to worry every damn day about dying. Or your kids getting hurt. Or even dying. And every other type of thing parents worry about. Thats called life. Deal with it.

Third... who do you think you are to tell me I would be "cruel" to have a baby after 35? How do you know what kind of mom I would be? I know for damn sure that if I was to have a baby now (or even where I was at in my life 5 years ago... yikes!) I wouldn't be ready. Not mentally, emotionally or financially. I know most people "will never be ready" but I am like really no where near ready. Im just starting to get my shit together and no baby should have to suffer through my life organization phase. Thats like inviting people over for a party when you are cleaning and prepping the day before. Ain't nobody else need to see that.

If she is ready to have a baby at a younger age than me (or thinks she is ready...) than all the power to her. But don't ever tell me that I'm a cruel person to wait until I know that I am ready.

End rant...

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Blogging about blogging

When I first started my blog years ago it was completely anonymous. I didn't post any photos of myself and if I blogged about anyone I knew they had a nickname. No one that I knew, knew about my blog. It was like a secret diary on the internet that I only shared with strangers.

Over time I slowly started telling people I trusted the most about my blog but I begged them to keep it a secret too. I was still trying to find my blogging voice and I was writing about things that I didn't necessarily want to share with a lot of people.

I was also going through a lot of growing up and life changing moments and my blog was my place to let out all of my emotions.

Now my blog is what I call semi-anonymous. I still only tell some people about it. I don't promote it on facebook. I have photos of myself and people who approve of being posted about.

But I'm on the fence about crossing that line... I have pondered lately about taking the leap and putting it all out there.

I am still so undecided about it because sometimes blogging can be the BEST therapy and I don't want to censor what I say incase people I know may read it and be offended or insulted or know too much about me.

How do we know when it's okay to take that step??

Thursday, February 28, 2013


There are going to be times in life where you feel really down on yourself. Where it seems like nothing is going right and you just aren’t happy.

We need these times.

I believe that if we don’t know how it feels to be down in the dumps and on the verge of depression, we can’t fully comprehend and appreciate the feeling of actually being happy and content.
Since the beginning of this year I have been feeling down. The little energy I have had was directed to the Get Fit Challenge I am organizing at work. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I lead a lunch time work out and I have to be that positive voice to keep everyone motivated. I am a good actor apparently because outside of the image I put on at work for everyone else… I didn’t feel so positive.
I was in a funk. I didn’t leave my house unless I had to. I didn’t hang out with any of my friends. My best friend pretty much had to beg me to go for coffee earlier this week. That’s not the normal me.
I lost sight of the light in my life. I felt like I had nothing really to look forward to when I know that’s clearly not the case. I hibernated in order to not face the rest of the world, even the people who love me the most.
I went to a yoga class yesterday for the first time in about 3 years. During the class… I cried. The instructor read a quote at the beginning of the class about being present in your life and making every action count like it would be your last act on this earth. I realized I haven’t been LIVING the last 2 months. I’ve just been. I breathed deeply, listened to the instructors’ voice, listened to my body breathing and felt energy surging through my veins. And then I felt the tears flowing down my cheeks. I felt more alive and present and valuable than I have in a long time. I walked out of the class feeling rejuvenated. Like someone re-lit my inner flame.
A new month starts tomorrow and I feel that it’s finally my start of 2013. Let’s go.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Let's be honest...

Lately I've been feeling so angry.
I wake up angry. I face the day angry. I go to bed angry.

And I don't even know why.

I take it out on... everyone. Even people who don't deserve it.

I can't pinpoint why I'm unhappy. Or when I started feeling this way. Or when I acknowledged it.
Which means that right now... I don't know how to fix it.


On my wall in my living room is a painting I made a few years ago with a quote from Romeo and Juliet:

"Seek happy nights through happy days".

Maybe I should start paying attention to the things I write and put in front of my own face... I must have put them there for a reason...

Sunday, February 17, 2013


So many times over the last few weeks I've said to myself "I am going to blog today.".
I open the beautiful blank canvas that is a new post.
And nothing.
No words come to me.
No thoughts.
No creativity.

My life has been very boring lately.

Wake up.
Go to work.
Eat fruits and veggies.
Work out.
Make Dinner.
Watch Jeopardy.


And then last week I injured my back. Which means I have barely left the couch/bed for the last 4 days.

I'm in a rut and I need something to pull me out of it.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

26 candles...

 Today would have been my sister's 26th Birthday...

... I hope there are cupcakes and balloons in heaven today.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Careful not to trip over your imaginary veil…


One would think that from how many times I have blogged about my friend’s weddings recently, I would have my future wedding already planned out from where and when I would get married, what I would wear, what we would eat, etc. etc., just insert groom here.

That is not the case.

I have maybe 3 or 4 sentimental things that I know I want in my wedding or incorporated on my wedding day but that’s it.

I feel like planning a wedding out before you are engaged is bad luck. In fact I avoid all things wedding on Pinterest for this exact reason.

Just because at 14 years old we thought we wanted to get married in a huge princess dress with fairy sparkles and N’Sync playing as we walked down the aisle… it doesn’t mean that’s what we are going to want as an adult.

Weddings are about two people celebrating the commitment of their futures together. 
Two people.
Two different personalities.
Two different styles.
Two lives… becoming one.

A wedding should reflect and embrace that combination. It should reflect who the two of you are together. The lives you live. The things that are important to each of you, individually and together. And most importantly why you love each other.

I can definitely tell you that a princess dress and fairy sparkles are NOT why I love my boyfriend. And if he one day becomes my husband… there absolutely wont be any fairy sparkles… they would just get caught in his beard.

Weddings are a special, wonderful, magical time. And I believe that, when the time is right, we should embrace the chance we get to plan the day to celebrate marrying the person you love more than anyone else in the world.

Love is different for each couple. Love is one of the most amazing emotions we get to experience as people and no one can define your love for someone else but you. A wedding is the time to express that and share that feeling with your friends and family.

It’s not about the cake or how tall it is. It’s not about how much you spent on the wedding or how big your white dress was or that you had it at the most lavish vineyard you have ever heard of. It’s about being so lucky in life that you found someone who is your other half and you can’t imagine living the rest of your life without them. So much so that you want to read aloud your vows… in front of everyone you know… that you are two souls now joined as one.

You can’t plan that day before you truly feel that way. 

Maybe my theory is wrong. And maybe its why at almost 30 years old, I’m not married or engaged. But you know what… I’m okay with that. It will happen for me when it’s the right time. And it will be great.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

How NOT to bleach a beard.

In December, the boyfriend and I went to an "End of the World" party.
The boyfriend drank a bit too much. Conversations arose about his beard and how big it had gotten. Somehow he was convinced that if it was white he would look like Santa. It was just before Christmas and since it was the "end of the world" and he was way too many drinks in, he thought it would be a good idea too. Oh boy...  

So he bleached it...

And for a while he looked like a wizard... 

But it wasn't going white enough so he wanted us to add heat to boost it...

 After 2 hours... this is what he ended up with.

Yes, that is an orange/yellow beard instead of white. And yes, thats still dark brown hair on top. I told him it wouldn't work but he didn't listen to me. Plus I wanted him to get rid of it so i figured if he bleached it and hated it he would just shave it off in the morning. Boy was I wrong...

He woke up the next morning and said "It's not Santa... but I kinda like it... I look like Hulk Hogan... I think I should keep it". Oh god...

We had other holiday parties to go to that weekend and he LOVED his beard and wanted to show it off so I made a deal with him that he could keep the ugly orange-beard as long as it was either gone or died back by Christmas Eve dinner with my family. He died it. Actually... I died it. So weird.

I thought I hated the beard before but after seeing orange-beard... I will take brown-beard any day.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Like a boss...

As I mentioned previously, I have organized and started a Get Fit Challenge at my office. 19 out of about 70 people in the office signed up. NINETEEN!!!!

Since the challenge has started I have been leading walking groups on lunch hours twice a week and hard core circuit work outs the other 3 days a week. Leading these groups has taught me something about myself...

I like to be the boss.

I like when people follow my lead and when something I put time and effort into organizing goes off without a hitch. And people come to me after and thank me... that is a great feeling.

And the feeling when people tell me that I have helped motivate them... that feeling is WONDERFUL!

I overheard someone today say "I love working out with her. She has so much fun and she always keeps it interesting. I never know what I'm going to do when I agree to working out".

I am really enjoying this challenge. Not only because I get to share the entire experience with a great group of coworkers but because motivating them is in turn motivating me more than I could have ever imagined.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

How Very Un-Canadian of me.

I have a confession... I don't like snow.

I know... I know... "But Mich, you live in CANADA??" 

The temperature here today is -15C (feels like -20C) which would be -4F for all my American followers. That's cold. And sadly not near as cold as it will get over the winter. 

On these days I hibernate at home. If i didn't NEED to get groceries today I wouldn't leave my home at all. 

I should clarify... I think fresh snow fall is one of the most beautiful sights. Evidence below. 

Emerald Lake - about 2 hours from where I live

The entrance to Banff National Park - about an hour from where I live

But I hate going out in the snow. I don't like driving in it. Or walking in it. Or shoveling it. And don't even get me started on winter sports.

For many Canadian's (especially those who live around me), fresh snowfall means "fresh powder in the mountains" for skiing or snowboarding. I am NOT one of those Canadians.

This love-hate relationship I have with snow probably stems from 2 events in my life. One would have been 2 years ago when I fell on the ice and broke my leg. You can see that story here.

The other happened when I was in 6th grade. The entire class was signed up for beginner ski lessons at Calgary Olympic Park (the local ski hill where many Olympic events were held here at the '88 Winter Olympics).

On the first day of lessons, we had a half hour at the end of the lesson to practice what we had just learned. The instructor told us to take the ski lift half way up the hill and then get off and practice our new techniques. Well... my best friend Amanda and I got on the ski lift together. The half way point came and we were too scared to get off the chair lift. When you are 10 years old those things are terrifying! So we ended up taking the lift ALL THE WAY to the top of the hill, we had no choice but to get off there... and I tumbled the entire way down the hill.

My ski's went flying, my goggles flew off one way and poles another. It was horrible.

The next day I stayed in and drank hot chocolate instead of going to the lesson. Amanda sprained her ankle that day.

I never went back.

And after my fall on the ice a couple years ago, i've realized the snow/ice is not my friend. Sorry Canada.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Health Tips for a New Year

I have started a Get Fit Challenge at my office, with the challenge I am sending out  weekly email with tips on living a healthier lifestyle. I thought it would be a great idea to share those tips with everyone who reads my blog so here you go:


It’s probably the most important thing you can consume when trying to get healthy, stay healthy or lose weight. So what better topic to discuss on our first week? This article was pulled from www.fitday.com as well as the books “The Biggest Loser” and “The Biggest Loser – Fitness Program”. Both books are on my desk and are available for anyone to come browse through.

Proper Hydration

When you exercise, you sweat. And when you sweat, you lose fluid. Our bodies are mostly water, so even a slight shortage can make you dehydrated, which describes an insufficient amount of water in your system. Dehydration causes a reduction in blood volume, which means less oxygen gets to your working muscles; it negatively affects your heart rate; and it compromises energy systems in your muscles. There’s a drop in your energy levels, so you don’t get as much from your workout when you’re dehydrated.

Recent studies show that water may play a role in the regulation of your metabolism – your body’s calorie-burning engine. For one thing, if you become dehydrated, you’re metabolism tends to slow down, meaning that you won’t burn as many calories as normal while at rest. In addition, ample water may reduce appetite and control food intake by making you feel full. Water also dilutes sodium levels in the body, making it the best remedy for fluid retention.

You can avoid dehydration – and the accompanying drop in energy and metabolism – by taking steps to protect yourself ahead of time. Here are some guidelines for staying hydrated:

- Upon rising, drink 2 cups of water to help cleanse and detoxify your system. You tend to be dehydrated in the morning so this is a good time to replace fluids.

- Although the traditional recommendation is to drink a minimum of eight 8 ounce glasses of water a day – which is a good move – it’s more accurate to base your water intake on your body weight. For example, try to drink at least half your body weight in ounces daily. If you weigh 200 lbs, your daily intake would be at least 100 ounces. That’s
12 ½ glasses (8 ounces each) a day.

- Drink water during your workout. You should consume 6 to 8 ounces of water every 15 to 20 minutes while exercising.

- Water your body after exercise. Have two 8 ounce glasses of water to restore fluids.

- Limit caffeinated soda, tea and coffee as well as alcohol. All of these have a diuretic effect, causing fluid loss from you body. If you enjoy caffeine or alcohol, follow them up with a water chaser just to stay in balance.

- If you feel hungry, you might actually be thirsty. How can you tell the difference? Simply drink a glass of water if you think you’re hungry. If the water satisfies you, you were thirsty, not hungry.

- Don’t like plain water? Flavor a pitcher of plain water with herbs like mint or basil or slices of citrus fruits or cucumber.

- Watch liquid calories in general. If you’re not careful, it’s quite easy to get a lot of excess calories from beverages. Because they are liquid, those calories go down easily, and we can ingest a lot of them without even knowing it. The most common culprits are sodas and fruits juices. An average can of soda alone can have up to 60 grams of sugar – that’s the same amount of sugar in four pieces of bread. That said, you’ll want to pass on the sodas and fruit juices and learn to enjoy your water instead.

- If you’re eating more protein and fiber and exercising more (which you should be if you are trying to lose weight), you’ll need more water than normal.

- If you can, drink your water ice cold. Your body needs to heat up this water in order to use it properly. Metabolically heating up water takes energy. In other words, it burns up calories. In fact, you can automatically burn up and extra 50 to 100 calories a day by drinking just 4 to 8 cups of ice cold water.

5 Little Known Benefits of Drinking Water

The benefits of drinking water have been much discussed in the media. Water helps keep you hydrated, which is important because every single cell in your body needs it in order to absorb nutrients and expel waste products. But what are some of the less well known benefits of drinking water?

1) Drinking Water Keeps You Young

Drinking plenty of water is great for your skin. If you don't drink enough water, you'll suffer from dry skin, and you'll be likely to use more creams and lotions to moisturize. However, creams and lotions don't strike at the root of the problem. Drinking plenty of water keeps your skin moisturized and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
If you don't drink enough water, your body will try to retain it in order to conserve resources. This retention makes your skin puffy and can even lead to bloating.

2) Drinking Water Helps You Lose Weight

There's a reason why most diets and fitness programs ask you to drink a lot of water. One of the benefits of drinking water is that it helps you lose weight.
Water suppresses your appetite, so you don't eat as much. Drinking plenty of water also prevents fluid retention, because your body won't try to retain water if it's getting enough.
Drinking water also helps your body burn stored fat. If you're not drinking enough water, your liver will be forced to help your kidneys detoxify your body. When you drink plenty of water, your kidneys don't need any extra help, so your liver will be able to metabolize stored fat more efficiently. Drinking water flushes toxins from your body and prevents constipation.

3) Drinking Water Helps You Build Muscle

Another benefit of drinking water is that it makes your muscles stronger. That's because water carries oxygen to the cells of your body, including those of your muscles. Drinking plenty of water enables your muscles to work harder and longer before they feel tired, and this can help you build muscle.

4) Drinking Water Makes You Smarter

Drinking water can increase your cognitive function. Your brain needs a lot of oxygen in order to function at optimum levels. Drinking plenty of water ensures that your brain gets all the oxygen it needs. Drinking eight to ten cups of water per day can improve your levels of cognitive performance by as much as 30%!
Drinking plenty of water also supports nerve function. It ensures that your body's electrolyte levels remain high enough to allow your nerves to relay messages to and from the brain in the way they were meant to.

5) Drinking Water Is Good for Your Joints

One of the lesser known benefits of drinking water is that it helps keep your joints strong, healthy and lubricated. Your joints need moisture in order to remain strong and flexible, so that your movements are smooth and pain free.

In other words… drink up!!!