Sunday, April 17, 2011

Oh hey there!

Big news... I'm going to Vegas!!!

But not just for any typical Vegas weekend.
I'm going to Bloggers in Sin City bitches!!!!

I wanted to go last year but couldn't make it. I wanted to go this year too so I figured why the frick not? I'm only working part time right now since I'm still looking for a job after my broken leg/losing my job fiasco and I have all this free time on my hands. BiSC is an opportunity and I'm taking it!

I can't wait to meet all the other Bad Ass Bloggers and since some of them are new to Who-Is-Mich-land I thought this is a perfect time to (re)introduce myself.

Hi!! I'm Mich!
Mich as in fish, short for Michelle.

I'm from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Don't know where that is? Click here.

I've technically been blogging for about 6 years. I've had personal blogs, public blogs, shared blogs. You name it, I blogged it. Then about 2 years ago I started Who Is Mich?. It was exactly what I needed at the time and every step of the way since. It's where I come to speak my heart and mind. I where ask for advice from other bloggers (who are brilliant by the way!). And most of the time I write about things that in one way or another I simply enjoy.

About a year ago I felt like I needed to re-vamp my blog. It was all black and dark before, and when I started WIM, those colors suited my life at the time. But over the first year I had gone through so many changes and felt like I had become more happy, cheerful and in turn, more colorful. My blog needed to reflect that which is why its now so fresh and so clean, clean! I had also gone through a lot of heartbreaks and broken friendships over that first year and although I don't regret blogging about it, I felt that with the re-vamp I needed to delete the past and move on to better things. Sometimes I wish I saved those posts so I could look back and see how far I have come but I know it was the right decision at the time.

I met 2 of my best friends through blogging.
I am a gift wrapper extraordinaire.
I am the self appointed queen of the board game Apples to Apples and if I have room in my suitcase I'm bringing it. For serious.
You know the crazy person you see singing at the top of their lungs to themselves while driving? That was probably me.
I believe that ice cream is a perfectly acceptable breakfast food.
And I'm probably gonna photobomb a few of the BiSC pics just like this:

Can't wait to meet you all in person!!