Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Goals for 2011

I have a few resolutions that I would like to put into action starting January 1st ( ya know... the usual, eat better, work out more, blah blah blah!) but I have a few goals that I would like to achieve... scratch that, that I WILL achieve over this next year.

1 - Go on a vacation somewhere hot.

If there is a beach, I'm there. My last beach vacation was to Cancun and was the beginning of the end for my then roommate/best friends friendships. Needless to say it wasnt the best vacation. That was almost 2 years ago, I'm definitely overdue for some serious sand, sun and tequila poppers.

2 - Go to the movies by myself.

Why the hell not? I deserve a date night out with myself every now and then right?

3 - Sign up for at 3 different work out related classes.

Im thinking kick-boxing, (Natalie? Leesh? You guys wanna join me?), yoga classes and maybe some sort of dance class.

4 - Attempt to try acupuncture on my shoulder.

Notice how I said ATTEMPT to TRY? Thats because, due to a frightening blood donating episode, I am worried that my body wont react well to the acupuncture needles. My shoulder is a hot mess and massage just isn't cutting it. I need to take things to the next level and that will mean I have to face my fear of metal under my skin.

5 - Sign up for my next triathlon.

This one needs to explanation. I just need a kick in my ass to get training again.

So... what are your goals or resolutions?

Monday, December 27, 2010

A Year in Review - 2010

A lot of things happened to me this year. Lets recap shall we?


- Met and instantly became friends with work BFF
- Invited her to a games night with Leah and Natalie and the LeMoNS were formed
- Started my brief "affair" with a coworker I blog-named "Freddy". What a mistake THAT was


- Probably sulked because I was single yet again for Valentines Day
- Was a proud Canadian during every moment of the 2010 Winter Olympics
- Spent a lot of time with "D"
- Went to my Great Aunts funeral, she passed away after a long life of 103 years


- Was completely shocked when "D" suddenly moved away to Ottawa a month before he was set to leave and didn't even tell me until after he was already there
- Started going to Trivia Tuesdays and was hooked
- Adopted my kitten Maya.


- Revamped my bloggity-blog
- Met "Jimmy Fallon"


- Ditched the liar that is "Jilly Fallon"
- Met "The Fisherman" the same night that I realized "Jimmy Fallon" was a complete ass


- Started dating "The Fisherman" after a bit of hesitation due to the age difference between us
- Spent as much time as possible with the LeMoNS since we knew that sadly we would be separating soon


- Stampeded my ass off
- Cried my eyes out when Leah moved away. (It was the epitome of the ugly cry)


- Enjoyed every bit of sunshine that I could
- Realized my new found love for rafting on the Bow River and Bud Light Lime
- Travelled to Montreal with the LeMoNS for approximately 46 hours for Work BFF's wedding
- Let myself fall further and further into my relationship with "The Fisherman"


- Threw a surprise party for some friends birthdays and made minute-to-win-it games (BEST idea ever!!)
- Cried my eyes out AGAIN when Work BFF and her new hubby moved to New Zealand for 7 months


- Participated (and almost fully completed) Sober October
- Had my heart shattered by "The Fisherman"
- Picked my broken heart back up and faced the world again
- Realized just how lucky I am to have Natalie and Leesh as my friends
- Met "Mac" on halloween while dressed as a Greek Goddess


- Started seeing "Mac"
- Slowly stopped being vegetarian
- Was there for my best friend when she lost her sister tragically
- Decided that I want to write a book


- Had a great birthday!
- Had an even better Christmas
- Relaxed with my first full week off all year (isn't that crazy??)
- Started writing my book

The year was full of extreme highs and lows. Im really hoping that this next year evens out a bit. I don't need a roller coaster again. But what I DO need is a vacation...

Sunday, December 12, 2010


I honestly don't think I have ever cried as much before as I have over the last 6 months with Leah moving away, Work BFF moving away, The Fisherman break up and now this...

(take a deep breath and write Mich...)

My best friends 15 year old sister recently passed away in a tragic sudden accident. Long, painful story short she had a seizure when she was in the bath tub. She was under water for an unknown amount of time and was in the hospital on life support. After a week, her family had to make the heart wrenching decision of taking her off life support. She passed shortly after.

This hits home to me on so many levels. Not only is this a story of a young beautiful girl who lost her life way too soon, but its my best friends family. Someone who I have known for over 15 years and consider her family to me.

But I think what makes this the hardest for me to deal with is the fact that I know exactly what my friend is going through. And I cant make it stop.

I know the painful decisions she has had to face and the long road she will go down to deal with this grief. I know it all too well because I went through it. Losing my sister in a tragic car accident at 17 is so similar to her situation its scary. All the questions and wishing you could do something to take it all back...

All I can do is be there for my friend and her family, try to not let all the reminders of what me and my family went through get to me too much and most importantly make sure my friend knows that I know exactly what she's going through. She doesn't even have to try to explain it.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Who is this Mac character?

Halloween is an interesting time to meet someone new. Especially someone you may be romantically interested in.

Take my situation for example. I met Mac on halloween. He was dressed as an old man.

He had on a long curly grey wig, slippers (I believe he called them loafers actually), an old man hat and a pillow stuffed in his plaid shirt.


But he was charming. And very funny. We got to talking and by the end of the night he asked for my phone number.

He called me the next day and asked me out for dinner.

A few days later as I was getting ready for our date, I had a slight breakdown. I realized that HE was dressed as a dirty old man, no matter what he wore to our date, he was going to look better than he did when we met.

I on the other hand was dressed as a Greek Goddess... there's no topping that. So no matter what I wore on our date I wasn't going to look near as good as I did when we met.


The date was wonderful though. He's a real gentleman and quiet-funny. (isn't that the best type of funny?). We have gone out quite a few times since then and I'm taking things slowly and seeing where it will go.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

ATL... How does he do that?

Anyone remember ATL?

Well, last year he was sort of a big part of my life. He was my kryptonite and even though I knew that he was bad, BAD news I couldn't resist him.

Then his true asshole colors showed and I cut him out of my life. For months afterwards he would randomly text me from numbers I didn't know. Every time he did my heart jumped a little.

Then I met The Fisherman and I knew I had moved on.

Somehow after months and months of no contact he decided to text me a few weeks after The Fisherman and I broke up.

HOW did he know? Seriously how on earth did he just know that I was in a vulnerable state and that if he sent me a text with his BBM pin that I would add him. And how did he know that seeing his picture and talking with him after a year would make me question possibly seeing him again?

Well... I was weak for a bit but after a few days I gave my head a good shake and knew what I would have been getting myself into. So I deleted him and moved on again.

And THEN last weekend I went to my work Christmas party and a group of us decided to head to a bar near by for our own after party. Guess who of ALL people works at said bar. Yep... ATL. Damn it.

I try to break free and the universe starts dangling him in front of me again.

Although he is verrrrrrry tempting, I am staying strong. I don't need to go down roads I've already travelled.

Instead I am moving on to better new things. Like Mac.

(details on Mac coming soon)