Sunday, May 26, 2013

Bloggers in Sin City Recap - The Final Episode

Life Lessons Learned in Las Vegas: 

The Las Vegas airport has two completely separate terminals. Which means folks you know arriving at the same time may not be at the same baggage claim as you. This was news to me even though I had been to Vegas four times perviously. 

Don’t drink the ever-clear. It will only lead to bad things. Especially when you choose to drink it in copious amounts.  

Chicken and waffles are a thing… a very BIG and delicious thing.

Tiff is the most amazing person at dividing bills for large parties. All servers should bow down to her. It wouldn't surprise me if they end up tipping her one day. 

Don't take the free sample of the “energy gum”. It tastes like pennies and won’t give you extra energy. Lies I tell you.

Sharks... because Vegas! 

Watch out for hidden glass floors because SHARKS and Vegas!

When you hug someone for 8 seconds, you bond. It’s been proven. And when you hug someone for 45 seconds or longer you instantly become life long friends.

Food courts are the best place for bonding at 3:00 am. The best. 

Everyone has a story and you would be surprised at how similar others are to yours. We are never alone.

The "O" Cirque du Soleil show is the best of the cirque shows. 

 If you’re not tired at 2:00am… GET UP! It’s Vegas! Sleeping is for being at home.

Silicon and Silicone are two very different things. And silicone breast implants have nothing to do with "Silicon Valley".  The more you know. 

Solar panel breast implants need to become a thing. You know… so we can charge our phones in our cleavage.

 Nico apparently knows Vegas very well… you know… because he is Phillipino…?

 It IS actually possible to krump in a pool. And when you are Casey, it still looks as bad-ass as when you do it on dry land. 

 According to the conversations we had about this topic (multiple times), Canadians apparently say “mmm hmm” differently that Americans. Canadians say mm-hmmmmmmm…. And drag out the hmmm in a calming agreement. Yet Americans add a question mark at the end. “mmm hmmmm? As in ‘Do I agree with you?’”. 

 Biscuits and Sausage gravy at breakfast. This invention is delicious. Who knew? Yet this must remain in the U.S. or I would just eat them at all the breakfasts!

The party is wherever you want it to be. Even in an H&M fitting room.

All the feelings come out when folks wear wigs to brunch.

Don’t even bother packing heels. You are wasting precious suitcase space.

True friends can be found anywhere in the world You just have to open your heart and mind and not be afraid to take a chance.

Biscuits equals family. 


Casey Palmer said...

In everything from a 3:30 AM slice of pizza to krumping in pools just because I can, I live by a simple mantra — "be awesome". I have a feeling that you follow the same one :D

My new BiSCuit family is the best thing that's happened to me in a while :)

San said...

So thankful for the time we spent together... wish it could have lasted even longer!

terra said...

That last hug with you was HARD. I'm sure I'm going to see you again though, because even though I didn't get nearly enough one on one time with you this year, I love you. And that's that.

JenBetweenDots said...

I bring like 4 pairs of heels with me every time and you're so right - such a waste of precious suitcase space! Glad we got to hang out in Vegas this year - and will do more hanging out in Calgary!

Lip Smacker said...

Totes on the "O"! THE BEST show! Also, WHY has no one thought of a solar panel BRA so we can charge our phones in our Cleve!?!