Friday, May 10, 2013

All it takes is a seed… and a little love.

A few months ago I spearheaded a Get Fit Challenge at my office. My goal was to get people moving and more aware of the healthier choices they can make on a day to day basis. I really didn’t know at the time what would become of it but I was determined to try.

In January I got the challenge going and “planted the seed”. With a bit of motivation and support that still seems to be growing every week, that little seed has become a full grown tree!!

Our group has grown in numbers and what started out as three or four people working out together has turned into a big group that does workouts together three times a week. Because we have all worked so hard the last few months most of us are able to go jogging now on our lunch hours. Something a lot of us couldn’t do three months ago. We also have a Zumba instructor that comes to teach a class once a week (who I found through Twitter… the internet is amazing!).

The official challenge was for three months and was based on percentage of weight loss. The lady who won lost over 26 pounds!! She came to me after and said “If it wasn’t for your motivation this whole time I wouldn’t have been able to stick with this”.

The other day in Zumba I had a beautiful moment. I looked around the room during one song and saw 15 women dancing, laughing, sweating and being active. I got chills. None of this would have happened if I didn’t plant the seed at the beginning of the year.

Motivation is something that spreads when you give it to others. Happiness is something that spreads even quicker. This challenge is a reminder to me that when you put effort into something, it can grow and become the most wonderful, rewarding thing.

The challenge wasn’t just about weight loss for me. It was about feeling better, getting healthier and building a better team atmosphere in my office. Check, check and CHECK!


Angela Wiebe said...

Beautiful post.

Debbie F said...

Good job, Mich. Today was fun! Debbie