Saturday, May 28, 2011

The post every single girl should read.

I heard this story from my massage therapist a few weeks ago and this story has stuck with me (by stuck with me I mean terrified me forever) so I decided I should share it with all of my blog friends.

The story is about a girl who recently went to the Dominican on a vacation. While she was there she had a fling with one of the workers at the resort.

On her second last night there, he asked her to go back to his house to "party Dominican style" with him. She really liked him but she felt uneasy about it so she said she would think about it and let him know. She went back to her room and talked to her friend about it and her SMART friend talked her out of going.

When she got back home the next week she was having some down-under-lady-issues so she went to her doctor to get checked out. He did the normal tests and said he would get back to her in a week or so.

The very next day he called her and said he HAD TO see her that day. She obviously went in (probably freaking out inside) and the doctor asked her:

"Do you have a significant other?".


"Have you been sexually active recently?"


She proceeded to tell him about her Dominican fling. He instantly asked what the Dominicans name was, what resort he worked at, if she knew where he lived and if she knew if he was active with anyone else.

You're probably thinking right now what I thought when I heard this story for the first time. OMG she has AIDS???


The doctor proceeded to tell her she had a disease that one can only get from having sex with dead people.

You read that right, dead people. Process that for a moment...

Eventually police found the guy and raided his house where they found bodies of 3 tourists.

There are so many disturbing things to this story. First, he was obviously having sex with the bodies and then with her (and probably other women at the resort too), and if her friend hadn't talked her out of going to his house, she would have been the next victim.

Im not saying that this happens all the time, I'm saying it CAN happen. This world is full of crazy fucked up people and when you are in a foreign country (or even your own familiar country) you really have to be aware of your surroundings and the people you are with. Watch out for yourself and for your friends.

I pray that I never hear of something like this happening to anyone I know... or you know.


suki said...

are you sure this isn't a spin off of one of these stories?

P said...

I agree with Suki. The first thing I did after reading this post was googling the story and it seems like an urban legend.

That being said, it IS terrifying, and shows that people SHOULDN'T just go home with people they don't really know.

Mich said...

it could very well be an urban legend, the way the story was told to me though seemed very real. I cant go into details as to why but it did.

either way its messed up! LOL

P said...

Yeah, it totally sounds real to me too! I just read a book about urban legends a few months ago and have been cynical about these stories ever since.Even Snopes itself though says there's a message in it so I definitely think the story serves a purpose.

Anonymous said...

ew. ew ew ew. whether it's real or urban legend, it either happened or something thought it up. and that's disturbing.


Anonymous said...

ew. ew ew ew. whether it's real or urban legend, it either happened or something thought it up. and that's disturbing.


Namine said...

uh gross hope it is an urban legend.

Terra said...

I really, really, really hope it's an urban legend. Otherwise, it's just too creepy and gross and ewwwwww.

JenBetweenDots said...

Sick! You can't get special STDs from a corpse. I checked Snopes too - urban myth. But still disgusting!

Jennifer said...

I have definitely told every single person in my life this story since I heard it poolside in Vegas. And no one even questioned if it was real. Also, Ashley, Nicole and I looked up diseases you can get from having sex with dead people and they do exist! Also, you can definitely get maggots in your vag/peen. I can't even think about this anymore.

C. aka Blunt Cookie said...

That is f-ing insane! I agree, really hope this turns out to be an urban legend. -gulp-

Sid said...

To Jennifer - Was actually going to Google diseases you can get from sleeping with dead ppl. Thank heavens I didn't.

Also ... I think this one is an urban legend.