Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The time I watched all the movies Oscar Nominated for Best Picture and then gave my reviews on them. (Part 2)

Let's continue, shall we?

American Hustle 
Cast: Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence, Jeremy Renner
Brief Plot Description: This group eventually comes together to con people and steal their money.
My Thoughts: What... a... disappointment. Maybe I expected too much from this movie because of the cast (I mean, hello... Jennifer Lawrence is totally my girl crush right now! And Bradley Cooper, he stole my heart in Silver Linings Playbook last year) but this just didn't work. There were good elements of this movie like the fashion (holy plunging necklines batman) and Jennifer Lawrence (she can do no wrong) and the scene with Christian Bale's combover, but the rest was lacking. I was actually so bored in this movie that I wasn't even paying attention anymore and instead played Candy Crush on my phone. For a movie that has SUCH a great cast... it should have kept me pulled in more than it did. Its not the WORST on the list but its absolutely in the bottom few.

Cast: Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams, Scarlett Johansson
Brief Plot Description: A lame ass loser falls in love with his phones operating system.
My Thoughts: When I saw previews for this movie I thought it was the most ridiculous and stupid concept I had ever heard. I tried to have an open mind when I watched it, and I hoped I would connect with the story and understand his infatuation but my prediction was dead on. This WAS the most ridiculous and stupid concept ever. I couldn't comprehend the fact that this guy was seriously having a relationship with his Siri. I had to turn it off. I got about 45 minutes in and I couldn't take it anymore. Absolutely the WORST on the list. I don't know why its nominated for any awards at all. Don't even bother.

Dallas Buyers Club
Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Jared Leto, Jennifer Garner
Brief Plot Description: In the 80's, a man is diagnosed with AIDS and eventually finds ways of bringing unapproved medications (that actually help) to fellow patients.
My Thoughts: This was the first of two AWESOME surprises this year. I didn't know what this movie was about going into it and boy was I pleasantly surprised. Matthew McConaughey was fan-tas-tic. He took this role and put every bit of his energy into it. And then there was Jared Leto who, when you were watching him, you completely saw a different person than the face we all know in hollywood. I laughed in this movie, I cried, I felt angry and upset and happy and all of the emotions that they want you to feel. These two were superb and 100% deserve all nominations as well as the nomination for Best Picture. I don't think it will win the actual award for Best Picture but if it does win, I wont be disappointed at all. Go watch this movie and thank me later.

Reviews coming up in the next (and last) post on this topic:
Wolf of Wall Street
(and a recap of who I believe should win)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The time I watched all the movies Oscar Nominated for Best Picture and then gave my reviews on them. (Part 1)

I love watching the Oscars. All of the wonderfully talented actors and actresses. All of the best. In one room. Dressed to the nines. Its magical.

On my 30 Before 30 list I had a goal to watch all movies that have won for Best Picture.
All of them... ever!
Let me tell you... that's a lot of movies! It was at 84 when I started. I didn't get through the entire list (yet) but I did make a big dent in it. Completing this list has allowed me to be able watch some awesome movies. Some classics that I had heard were great but I hadn't seen them before (Gone with the Wind, Rain Man, Kramer vs. Kramer), and then there were movies that were surprisingly good that I didn't expect much from (The Apartment, Out of Africa, The Life of Emile Zola) and of course... there were movies that I just DIDNT like (Braveheart, West Side Story, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest).

This entire process has sparked a passion for GREAT movies. Last year I tried to watch all of the nominees for Best Picture. I saw almost all of them. When I watched the Oscars I felt like i knew more about what was going on. I felt passionate about the nominees. The actors, the directors, the scripts, all of it. So this year... I decided to do the same!

There are A LOT of movies nominated for best picture this year. Nine in total. I think thats the most ever.

So without further adieu, I present to you my reviews on the nominees! (Part 1)

Cast: Sandra Bullock, George Clooney
Brief Plot Description: Sandra Bullock gets lost in space.
My thoughts: I was quite apprehensive to watch this movie. Not because I didn't think it would be any good but because the thought of being lost in space gives me anxiety. We've all seen the previews... of Sandra flying away, rolling and rolling, with nothing to stop her. No. Thank. You.
This movie was pretty good though. The images of earth were stunning. The effects didn't make me dizzy like I had expected (I usually get dizzy/nauseous during 3D or major action movies, too much movement and action to focus on anything). And the story, although very basic (...she gets lost in space) had great characters that you really connected with and were rooting for the entire time. I enjoyed the film but I don't necessarily think its belongs on the Best Picture Nominee list. A movie on this list should be epic and amazing in SOME way. And although I enjoyed it, I wasn't amazed at all.

12 Years a Slave 
Cast: Chiwitel Ejiofor, Lupita Nyong'o, Michael Fassbender, Brad Pitt
Brief Plot Description: A free black man is abducted and sold into slavery.
My thoughts: Movies like this are always so emotionally hard to watch. One of my favorite movies is The Color Purple. In movies like that one you really get to know the characters and connect with the suffering that they are put in. I felt like that part was missing from this movie. The "abduction" happened very quickly at the beginning of the movie and you didn't really get to know the main character much before. Don't get me wrong... the dude was sold into slavery... I felt for him, but if we would have known more of his wife/job/kids/friends/ and life in general before he was sold I think we would have felt more for him even more. That being said, what happened to him after he was sold and the characters he met along the way made for quite a story, even if Brad Pitt was only in it for like 35 seconds...
This movie was good. It wasn't amazing. It wasn't horrible. Its was a bit better than mediocre.

Captain Phillips
Cast: Tom Hanks, Barkhad Abdi
Brief Plot Descrition: A cargo ship (captained by Tom Hanks) is hijacked in Somalian waters.
My Thoughts: This was one of the first Oscar movies I watched this year and compared to the other movies I had seen so far (Gravity & 12 Years a Slave) it was definitely in the running to be my favorite. This movie had me in suspense pretty much the entire time. The fact that the cargo crew spoke only English and the pirates spoke only in Somalian added to the frightfulness of the situation. I really think this was one of Tom Hanks' best roles but when its compared to the other actors nominated, I don't think he stands a chance.
This was a great movie. I would definitely recommend for anyone to watch it. I don't think it will win for best picture but it wont disappoint for the entertainment factor.

Reviews coming up in the next post:
American Hustle
Dallas Buyers Club