Tuesday, September 17, 2013


A few days ago I was lying in bed and couldn't fall asleep. Words were spinning and twisting around in in my head and wouldn't let my mind rest until I wrote them down. So i just wrote...  

In Darkness 

Once, I was afraid of the dark. 
It seemed to me only those who were weak entered there. 
Only those who had no choice. 
No power. 

But the darkness, I've learned,
... is quiet. 
Its calm. Oh, so very calm. 
Well... besides the guilt... 
and regret... 
and constant voices... 
other than that, its remarkably calm. 

There are no flaws in the dark. 
... I guess technically they are still there, 
But in the dark, no one else can see them 
And that makes it seem like they don't even exist anymore. 

The darkness is peaceful. 
There is no one around to tell you what to do, 
Or what not to do... 
No one else around...
No one... 

I guess the dark isn't so scary. 
Its actually quite comforting. 
Like an invisible down comforter surrounding you. 
A cozy blanket thats slowly suffocating you. 
Bit by bit... 
Cutting off your air. 

You don't really notice it at first, 
Because its just so warm. 
But that first time you take a deep breath...
Thats when you realize. 
There's not much air left. 

Its hard to say, 
How long one can survive, 
Under the suffocating blanket. 
An hour? 
A week? 
A year? 
Its too hard to determine. 

But its just so cozy, here in the dark. 
So lets just give it a while longer... 

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