Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The $hit is gonna hit the fan…

Here’s the scoop.

I hate my job.

I hate the company that I work for.

I love the people I work with (most of them).

I work for a construction company. It’s a fair sized company but there are tons of employees who work on site and aren’t in the office very much. In fact there are only 6 people who work in the office and do the administrative work. I am one of them.

Last week I had an interview with a WAY BETTER COMPANY to do a WAY BETTER JOB. My interview went really well and I am (fingers crossed) supposed to hear from them on Tuesday to know if I got the job. If I get it, I will be giving my notice a.s.a.f.p. (as soon as freakin possible!).

Here’s where the shit on the fan comes in. The girl who works beside me had a great interview somewhere else last week and found out today she got the job! She is planning on giving her notice on Friday. Then out of no where today at a meeting, we found out that one of the other ladies gave her resignation today. THEN because our receptionist is my work BFF (and outside of work BFF) and tells me everything, I know that in 6 weeks (after her wedding) she is giving her notice as well.

So the team of 6 is going down to 2 all in a matter of weeks. The 3 of us that will be quitting over the next few weeks had a moment of “oh crap… they don’t know what’s about to hit them” after the meeting today.

Well (insert current employer name here), Karma is a bitch!! Maybe if you treated your employees better and not like your slaves they wouldn’t all run.

I might be getting ahead of myself as I haven’t even GOT the new job yet… but keep your fingers crossed for me!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Where have I been?

Ive been a little MIA from blog-land lately.

Why? Well my dear bloggy-friends, I have been busy living this summer to the fullest doing such things as:

Rafting on the Elbow River

Reading in the sunshine
Wearing summer dresses and flip-flops
Drinking Slurpees
Playing tennis
Hugging Leah as much as humanly possible

falling in... like. Extreme like.

I hope your summer has been as wonderful as mine so far.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


A while back I was talking with a friend about how much our friends and circles of friends have changed over the last little while. How we have been trying to hold on to friendships that we have had since we were 11 years old. Some of those friendships are very difficult and yet we try our best to make them work. She told me something that her boyfriend told her and it really struck a cord with me. 

He said something along the lines of "Look at my circle of friends. How many of them did I go to high school with or have known forever? Maybe one or two of them. Thats because when we are young our friends are chosen by location and convenience. As in our neighbours, or school mates. We didn't have a choice, now we do." 

This made a lot of sense to me. Especially since I have outgrown half of the people I was friends with in high school. Think about it, when we were 7 the only other kids we interacted with were the kids in the neighbourhood and the kids in our class. That's it. Those were our options. Now maybe some of those kids grew into wonderful people we actually have things in common with and should be friends with. But maybe not. Maybe we just stayed friends with these people because we thought we were supposed to. Its not like we had jobs at that age and met new people all the time. Its not like we had cars and could drive across the city to hang out with a new friend. We depended on our parents and our surroundings. 

I am 26 now. I have a world full of people I could be friends with. I opened my heart and mind to meeting new people and because I opened up I met amazing new friends through blogging and through work. Friends that I would do anything for and tell anything to. Friends I trust and admire and respect more than they could ever understand. Friends that I met because I stepped out of my comfort zone. 

Its an exhilarating feeling... 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Stampede Pledge

If you choose to take this pledge with me, please remove your Cowboy hat and repeat the following:

I vow that for the next 10 days, my attire will consist of at least one, preferably all, of the following items:

Cowboy Hat
Cowboys Boots
Sheriff Badge

I vow that I will begin most conversations with “Howdy” and end most conversations with either a “Yahoo” or a tip of my hat.

I vow that for the next 10 days, mini donuts are acceptable as their own food group.

I vow that free pancakes are the greatest breakfast around because not only are they delicious but they will absorb any left over alcohol from the night before.

I vow that it is perfectly acceptable to drink a beer with my free morning pancakes.

I vow that all deep-fried food on a stick is wonderfully delicious and worth the money and guilt.

I vow that hangovers and diets are all to be dealt with AFTER July 18th.

I vow to two-step and line-dance until the cows come home.

And most importantly, I vow that whatever happens at The Calgary Stampede… STAYS at the Calgary Stampede.

Let games begin…