Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Goals for 2011

I have a few resolutions that I would like to put into action starting January 1st ( ya know... the usual, eat better, work out more, blah blah blah!) but I have a few goals that I would like to achieve... scratch that, that I WILL achieve over this next year.

1 - Go on a vacation somewhere hot.

If there is a beach, I'm there. My last beach vacation was to Cancun and was the beginning of the end for my then roommate/best friends friendships. Needless to say it wasnt the best vacation. That was almost 2 years ago, I'm definitely overdue for some serious sand, sun and tequila poppers.

2 - Go to the movies by myself.

Why the hell not? I deserve a date night out with myself every now and then right?

3 - Sign up for at 3 different work out related classes.

Im thinking kick-boxing, (Natalie? Leesh? You guys wanna join me?), yoga classes and maybe some sort of dance class.

4 - Attempt to try acupuncture on my shoulder.

Notice how I said ATTEMPT to TRY? Thats because, due to a frightening blood donating episode, I am worried that my body wont react well to the acupuncture needles. My shoulder is a hot mess and massage just isn't cutting it. I need to take things to the next level and that will mean I have to face my fear of metal under my skin.

5 - Sign up for my next triathlon.

This one needs to explanation. I just need a kick in my ass to get training again.

So... what are your goals or resolutions?


Brian in Mpls said...

When I used to travel for work and was on the road by myself for weeks at a time I started to go to movies by myself and now I absolutly love going by myself. I can watch all the trashy stuff I want to see with dragging people along it is great:) Great resolutions.

Lauren said...

Great goals list! I have similar goals. And I must say I've been to the movies by myself and it is great! :)


Travis Erwin said...

I wish you luck in those pursuits and a Happy New Year.

Rachel said...

Those are some goals you have lady!! Good for you! and hey, I didn't know that you do triathalons! HOW COOL!!

Chicago Sane said...

How are these goals coming along?