Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Snooki, Soup and Trolls... OH MY!

The other day, my BFF and I started writing a random story back and forth by email. 
It was so ridiculous that I just had to share it with you... with pictures... you're welcome. 

Once upon a time, 
It was a Sunday, 
There lived a crazy Troll under a bridge. 
His name was Gregory.
He had a giant pinky on his right hand. 
It was as long a a cucumber. 
The pinky was good for stirring soup. 
He was, after all, 
The Troll Chef that lived under a bridge. 
Every Tuesday he made soup and delivered it to 
The Jersey Shore.
Snooki was his best customer. 
Since the troll didnt have a TV,
He didn't know there was a hurricane about to hit Seaside.
So he hopped onto his pink vespa and rode to the Jersey Shore.
After riding through trecherous winds, 
He finally reached the Jersey Shore house
Where all he found was 
Empty cans of spray tanner and matted hair extensions.
Gregory was confused and asked LMFAO if they wanted the soup.
They were picking their afros on the boardwalk,
Compeltely unaware that the hurricane was destroying it all around them.
They ate the soup,
Then were swept away by the tide...
Never to be seen again... 
At the Grammy's that year they had a 2 second memorial for LMFAO
And after that no one ever spoke of them again.
And "I'm sexy and I know it" was forever banned in North America.
Only the Koreans liked it still...
But they also created Gangnam Style so their opinion doesn't count.
After the hurricane was over,
Gregory the Chef Troll returned to his bridge
Where he came across a puppy.
The puppy's name was Brucey.
Troll and Brucey became BFF's and
Lived under the bridge eating worms, delicious soup and tacos.
One day,
A Tuesday,
After they made a split pea soup,
Donald Trump came across the bridge.
Gregory was confused because surely he wasn't there for food,
everyone KNOWS ogres only eat people who were fired from the Apprentice,
So he asked Trump why he came.
Trump wanted to offer him a deal.
"Let me live under your bridge" Donald said.
"I will make you a millionaire in 3 weeks"
But Gregory was smarter than that.
"Aren't you the douche bag who questioned Obama's heritage?
And his education? I don't trust you as far as I can throw you.
Get out from under my bridge!!"
So Gregory pushed Trump into the raging hurricane flooded river below
Never to be seen again.

To be continued...