Saturday, November 3, 2012

If I were a critic...

Last night the boyfriend and I went out to celebrate our 1 year milestone together (it was technically last Sunday but we were hung over from our Halloween party that day and super busy all week so we planned to go out last night).

On our first date last year we went to see Paranormal Activity 3 together, so this year we thought it would be cute/romantical to go see the 4th installment together too.

The movie wasn't very good. Actually... I thought it was kinda lame. The boyfriend liked it better than me. I didn't find it as scary or eerie as the first 3 (specifically the first 2) and I swear you could see the harnesses that the actors were wearing when they would be "thrown across the room by the demons".

I'm still glad we went though, for the sentiment of it.

After dinner my man surprised me and took me to Laurier Lounge for dinner. This is where things got a little interesting (no proposal if thats what you're thinking... we both aren't there yet! LOL).

He had made a reservation for 8:30 and we got there right around that time but our table wasn't really yet. The boyfriend doesn't like waiting so he wasn't happy that we had to wait over 15 minutes after he had booked a reservation. Once we finally were sat at our table... it didn't get much better. The restaurant is an old converted house and we were sat in one of the rooms on the top floor, there was another couple and a group of about 8 people that were all just finishing their meals. In the room right beside us (that had an open window to our room) was a VERY LOUD group. Obnoxiously, arrogantly, drunkenly loud. We couldn't even hear ourselves talk to each other across the table. The elderly couple beside us said they had been there for a couple of hours and that group had only been there for the last hour and they couldn't believe how rude they were. We asked the waitress if we could be moved but the place was packed solid. She did say that the larger group in the same room as us (the quiet nice group) would be leaving any minute and we could have one of their tables that was in the corner and further away from the rowdies. We decided to take that option.

While we patiently waited for our second table to be ready, the loud group got louder and louder and more vulgar with their language (if we were at a pub I wouldn't care if people yell out F-bombs every 2 seconds, but this was a fancier romantic restaurant and it was completely inappropriate). The lady from the elderly couple and my boyfriend both stood up and peeked her heads through the window and basically said to them "you DO realize there are other people here trying to enjoy their dinners right?? Keep it down!!".

Well... that didn't help. In fact it made it worse. They began to mimic us and get even louder. When the elderly couple was gone and we had switched tables the rowdy group thought we had left so they literally started howling like wolves to prove that they could be as loud as they wanted. And they kept yelling out immature comments directed at us. It was absolutely ridiculous.

Our poor waitress was trying so hard to make us comfortable and their waitress kept asking them to keep it down too but it didn't help.

Our food came (we split the ribs and the poutine... omg... delicious!) and we wanted to have the chocolate fondue for dessert but our romantic experience was no where near romantic at that point so we decided it was just time to go home. The waitress came over to talk to us again and we told her exactly that and just asked for our bill. She came back a few minutes later and said that she had talked to the manager and he had taken care of our bill completely and had also given us a gift card with his business card attached and asked us to call him directly to arrange another night to come back. We both did not expect that. I was actually blown away at that gesture. (I told the waitress that the rowdy group should have to pay for our meals... those jerks!).

I had been there a few times before and never had an experience like that. Unfortunately that was the first time my boyfriend had been there so he has a bit of a bitter taste towards it now but I hope the next time we go that can be changed. We told both the manager and the waitress that we would definitely be back (their food is AMAZING and normally the other guests are not assholes like that). I think we will go back in December for my birthday and this time get the fondue we were both very excited for.


Angela Wiebe said...

oh that's so sad you had a bad experience but what an amazing manager!

Lady Jewels Diva® said...

Not good enough If the group had finished the manager should have escorted them out and banned them from coming back. Problem is, shops desperately want money so they put up with some, only to lose others.

Mich said...

In reply to Lady Jewels Diva - I thought so too. I definitely thought the manager should have come up and told that table to shut the F up or to leave. I didn't see him talk to them once. That part I was disappointed in.