Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I'm not made of money ya know...

Let's vent a little shall we...

So I'm going to a bachelorette party this weekend. Yay! I love bachelorette parties. BUT what I don't like is when whoever is planning said party thinks everyone invited is made of money and/or has a sugar daddy.

If I were to participate in all of the bachelorette weekend festivities they would include:

Drive from Calgary to Banff (and return after) - lets say $40 in gas
Pay the Banff National Park fee for parking there over the weekend - $20??
Hotel for 2 nights (shared with other girls) - $150
Spa day - probably like $300
Dinner at a very expensive restaurant on Saturday night - $60
Booze for pre-drinking at the hotel room - $30
Night out at the bar - I'm gonna guess about $80
Small gift for the bride - $20
Meals for the rest of the weekend too - $50?

That estimate totals up to $750..... SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS!!!!!!! 

Holy Shit!

Sure I adore the bride and would get a girls weekend out of it but damn... I could go to Vegas for that cost. Shoot I could find a deal and go to Mexico for a week for that cost.

Not happening.

Myself and another invitee are going to drive to Banff (share the cost of gas) on Saturday afternoon and meet up with everyone just before dinner time and then stay with them until after the bar and then drive back together. (I wont be drinking in case you were wondering).

I swear... whenever I get married I will make sure my bridesmaids think of those who are on a budget.

Rant over.


Katherine said...

I'm really glad to be one of the better off in the bridal party I'm part of for next summer. I'm not terribly awesome in terms of finances, but I will get to splurge a little bit. The thing about having been much worse off than I am now though, means that I will be very cost conscious in the planning of things. I mean, we're going to Disneyland and we're going to spend a LOT less than that!

Amy said...

Ohhh, that sucks. By the end of two days, everyone's going to be so over it too. I like your plan and would absolutely be doing the same. That's a LOT to expect someone to shell out!

Angela Wiebe said...

YIKES that's an insane about of money! Glad you came up with a decent plan

Carmen said...

Ugh... I totally get this! I'm glad that Banff is still close enough that you can go, but won't be out all that money!!

terra said...

I continue to be amazed at what it costs to be a part of someone's wedding sometimes. It's like - oh, I'm so honored that you asked me to part of your special day, would you like me to just have all my monies direct deposited to you between now and the wedding?!