Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Farahs Wedding

Last year at this time I went to my dear friend Farah's wedding (you probably know of her, she blogs at facesbyfarah.com. If you don't know of her yet definitely check her out).

Anyhoodle, last year I traveled the long 5 hour flight from Calgary to Toronto to take part in her magical wonderful day. But it was more than a one day event, there were 3 extravagant events and 5 days of visiting with WONDERFUL people.

Event 1 - Henna Ceremony 
Which included a delicious Indian feast. OMG I die... I definitely gained a good 5 lbs that trip.

That's my hand!
Event 2 - The Traditional Indian Ceremony. 
 In the afternoon I had some time to kill and it was a beautiful fall day so I went for a stroll around the neighborhood I was staying in. I am SO glad I did too. I was blown away by the colors and all the leaves! 

Fire trees as I like to call them.

More fire trees.

The Orange! All the Orange!
I feel like I could write and entire story based on this photo.
That evening was the ceremony. I couldn't get over all the rich colors. 
Its been a year now and I still love looking at these photos.
The "stage" for the bride and groom.
2 photos of the same, I couldn't pick just one to post.
Entrance of the BEAUTIFUL bride.

Now THAT is an entrance!
Event 3 - The Traditional "Western" Ceremony. 
I felt like I was at a wedding for royalty. No picture could truly show how amazing it was. And a BIG part of it was all DIY'd by Farah. Seriously, how amazing is that right? 

Flip-flops provided for sore feet from wearing high heels all day. 
A handmade bouquet. WOW!
Her shoes! She HAND glued all the stones on. Can you believe it?
It was one of the best trips ever. So much love. Her family and friends welcomed me like their own. I was so blessed to be apart of her special day.

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terra said...

Oh my goodness, lady! It looks absolutely amazing and I want to go there. Both ceremonies look like they were beautiful!