Monday, November 19, 2012


Lately I’ve been feeling bored, like I am supposed to be doing something. Maybe this feeling has come over me because for most of 2011/2012 I was helping my best friend plan her wedding. It took up a lot of my time and thought. At the same time I was in the beginning stages of a new relationship. Any time that wasn’t spent working, or helping my friend, was spent with him.

Now that the wedding is over and the boyfriend and I have moved in together I feel like I have all this free time on my hands and I don’t know what to do with myself.

I could take up a hobby but to be quite honest, I am on a strict budget right now with a goal of being debt free at the end of 2013 in my clear vision. Also I REALLY want to go to BiSC in May and on a vacation with the man somewhere too so any extra money is being put into vacation funds.

This feeling has got me thinking.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at a friend’s house with a big group of people watching the Western Final CFL game (Go Stamps!!). Some of our friends brought their kids. I ended up getting distracted from the game and spent most of the afternoon playing “shopping” and “hairdresser” with 2 of the little girls there. I was in heaven.

So all last night and this morning I kept thinking about my age. And how if certain events in my life turned out differently, I could probably be married by now with a baby or two.

Is that why I am feeling the way I am? Should I have kids already? I feel like I am no where near ready for anything like that. But I just wonder…

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terra said...

I really, really, really want you to go to BiSC in May too - I'd love to see you there!!

Also, don't worry about what stage you're at. It's okay if you're not married or don't have kids. Those things will happen when they're supposed to happen. <3