Wednesday, June 22, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things! - Vol. I

Danish Coin Pendant Necklace.

My Grandma and I are very close, very much alike and if I turn out to be half the woman she is, my life will be complete.

A few months ago I was over visiting with her and she was trying to decide on which jewelry to pack for the cruise she and my Grandpa are going on. That, of course, turned into her going through ALL of her jewelry for 2 hours. She came across a little pink velvet satchel and didn't know what was inside. When she opened it she said "Oh my! I haven't seen this in years!".

Turns out it was a Danish coin turned into a necklace. Back in 1963, when my grandparents still lived in Germany, my Grandpa had to go to Denmark for work. He bought this for my Grandma when he was there and she wore it for years but when they moved it got packed away and forgotten about.

I was taken by the necklace. By its simplicity and uniqueness. I kept asking more and more questions about it. She put the necklace in my hand and said "its yours now".

I wear it all the time (seriously, chances are if you have met me I am wearing it). I love that its something that no one else has. I love that its from my grandparents who I adore and admire beyond words.


(the coin rotates inside too which is a bonus because I'm always playing with it!)

Ps - Leah? Nat? Does the white hand look familiar?


Leah said...

Love the necklace love the display! These days I am wearing a very similar necklace - except it's an egytptian king on it. I get to many comments and compliments on it (seriously, SO MANY) and that makes me proud because guess where I got it:



VALUE VILLAGE!!!! So random.

Anonymous said...

My favourite necklace is a cameo locket I got for $10 in an antique store.

The best treasures don't cost a lot of money do they?

Garnet said...

It's gorgeous! Unique jewelry is my favorite and yours is so special since it came from your grams : )

terra said...

I love this story - it made me smile. What a great piece of family history that you can wear every, single day.