Monday, June 6, 2011

Grandma has a girlfriend???

Odd story for you...

Last summer I went to a funeral with my mom for a family member on my Dad's side of the family. When we were there we chatted with my dad's cousin. I hadn't seen him in years and he was very close with my dad when they were teenagers.

A few days later I was having dinner with my parents when said cousin came up in conversation.

Dad: You know... I always had a feeling he was gay.

Me: What?? Really??

Dad: Yeah... when we were younger I just thought he was.

Me: Well I don't think so. He was even telling us about how he has a cabin and he goes there with his girlfriend all the time.

Mom: Well... that doesn't mean anything, Grandma was married to your dads dad.

Me: I just don't see that... wait.... WHAT??

Mom: What?

Me: What did you just say???

Mom: About what?

Me: Did you just say Grandma was married once? As in... shes gay?

Mom: (just gives me a look of confusion)

Me: .... so you're saying Grandma is gay??

Mom: You didn't know?

Me: NO!! I mean... it makes total sense when you think about it... but how am I JUST finding out about this now?

Dad: Who did you think *insert grandmas girlfriends name here* was?

Me: ........Her roommate? I just thought they were two divorced older women who were lonely and didn't want to live alone. So... they are a couple?? What the hell??

My parents: (laughing at my "roommate" comment)

Me: How is it that I'm 26 and JUST being told about this now???

Mom: I don't know... we thought you knew?

This little bit of information shook me to the core. How was it that at 26 years old the topic of my grandmothers sexuality preference finally comes out?? It baffled me. I mean looking at the whole picture it completely made sense. My grandma divorced my grandpa when my dad was 2 and has never had a male companion for as long as I have been around. She has always lived with *insert girlfriend name here* since I can remember and shes sort of a plaid wearing, men's haircut, not feminine in anyway kinda woman.

I love her the same and it doesn't change my feelings of her as my grandma but its was just strange that that's just how I thought it was... her and her roommate.

I found out later that when she came out, it was in the 70's and society wasn't as accepting as they are now so my dad was embarrassed by the whole concept. He never talked about it and apparently it took him a long time to even tell my mom when they were first dating.

It makes me wonder though... what else don't I know about my family?


doniree said...

I've found that once you open up the doors for conversations like that in your family, you'll learn all KINDS of things. The secret (in my family) is getting my mom and her siblings drunk.

On a separate note, well not really - I found out my uncle was gay when I was 13. He had been married for a long time prior, and divorced when I was pretty young and had a male "roommate" for a long time. I didn't think anything of it until one day, we were talking - my cousins, uncle and I - and it just sort of hit us. Clicked, made sense, the whole thing. I think he went through a tough coming out in the 70's also. Much different time then, huh?

Awesome story, btw.

Leah said...

This is hilarious!!!!! I never knew that about your famjam.

Germana said...

Wow, that is wild! Kind of crazy to find out years later though.

Ginny said...

Sometimes you just don't think about and you don't ask and then once you find out the truth it all makes sense. I lived with my roommates for 3 months before I realized they were a couple.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy said...

Oh my gosh that is the funnest thing I've heard all week! Haha! I totally love your blog!