Friday, June 17, 2011

Kitchen on a budget.

I have been renting my place for a year and a half now... and I *finally* got myself a kitchen table. Yay for me being a grown up!!

Since I have the tiniest area to put a table and a miniscule budget due to the fact that I'm still on the search for a full time job this was quite the daunting task.

I originally posted HERE about how I wanted something/anything green in my kitchen. I searched and searched... and searched for green chairs or even unpainted chairs that I could paint green myself but had no luck. I did find the perfect chairs on my hunt but they were $189 each and sadly that is not in my budget at this time. I looked on kijiji for weeks and found many bar stools but no chairs. I never thought it would be so hard (twss!).

But alas.... yesterday I found all the pieces that put my kitchenette together!!

(i hate that eye-sore black cord... i wish i could hide it some how)

-White table from Ikea - $39.00
(its actually supposed to be a desk but it works perfectly! you could even get white legs for the table and get the price down $29.00)
-2 White chairs from Ikea - on sale right now for $10.00 each!
- Green table runner from Ikea - $4.99
(they have them in a few colors including pink, blue and yellow but THIS was the very last green one that the Calgary Ikea had, I even had to get the girl to take it off the display for me)
-Purple place mat from Bed, Bath and Beyond - $2.00
- Green fruit bowl from Walmart - $1.50
- Pink flower picture from... surprise, surprise... Ikea - $10.00 for the picture and $19.99 for the frame.

Thats a whopping total of $97.48!!!!

Table and decor for less then $100.00.... I'm amaze-balls.
(Ikea had a different but very similar kitchen table set with 4 of the same chairs that I got selling for $119.00... even if I got 2 more chairs I would have still had a better deal!)

So... who's coming over for dinner?


Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy said...

I love what you did with the place! Isn't IKEA wonderful?!

doniree said...

I love that! Also, we have the same table runner on a black table from IKEA :)

Namine said...

oh it looks fabulous!! Love that you got the green!!

when are we getting together??

terra said...

Love it! The green is great - I think I might need more green in my own home...

suki said...

Wow, great finds! :) And like the others, I adore the lime green! For the cord, maybe taping it all down? The cord covers are similar color to your wall, but I think cost more than your table!