Sunday, June 26, 2011

"Although, the sun will never shine the same, I'll always look to a brighter day"

7 years.
84 months.
364 weeks.
2555 days.

Thats how long it has been.

7 years ago today I lost the younger version of me.
My sister.

One would think that after 7 years it would be easier to write a post like this but as I write this tears are streaming down my cheeks.

As I look through her pictures deciding which ones show her cute little dimples and her spirit the most, I can't help but break down crying. It's day 2555 with out her. Every single one of those days I have wanted to call her and tell her something about my life.

I always wonder what she would be like today?

She would be 24 years old now. She was taken from this world at 17, before she became an adult. Before she ever had the opportunity to get married, or have children... or even graduate high school.

She never knew what it was like to work for any place other than a restaurant. She never knew about blackberrys or twitter or my blog. She never knew about Avatar or So You Think You Can Dance or Lady Gaga (yet I know she would love all of those things). She never got to see me complete my triathlon. She didn't get to come and watch movies all day with me when I broke my leg. I never got to take her out to celebrate her 18th birthday or buy her a drink and dance the night away with her. She never had her first apartment. Or her own pets. Or her own car.

There's a million things she never got to experience. But she did however, get to be my little sister for 17 years. She got to experience 17 springs, summers, winters and falls. 17 birthdays. 17 wonderful years with countless memories.

17 years is not enough... but its what we were given with her and I cherish every single one of them.

I miss her yesterday, today, tomorrow and every day for the rest of my life. Although the memoires of her get me through, the void will never be filled.


Anonymous said...

Love you, Mich. Nobody should have to go through what you, your family, and your sister went through.

Mom and Dem said...

Thinking of you, lady - thanks for sharing an important part of your family with everyone, even though it is hard. Today, your sister did an amazing thing and reminded everyone who reads this that life is the ultimate gift and we should never take it for granted. Love you!

terra said...

Hugs to you, Mich. I wish there was something perfect I could say to make it hurt less, but I'll just say I'm sending you lots and lots of love and internet hugs.

suki said...

sending lots of internet hugs from this coast as well. a little late b/c i wasn't up to date on my subscriptions. and from your other post, i definitely believe that it was a sign that your sister is watching over you.