Friday, March 4, 2011

Where, Oh Where has Michy-Mich been???

Couch bound.

Thats where I've been. And its been crappy.

(some of the pics below might be a little much... so be forewarned)

Just over 3 weeks ago I was walking to the train to go to a hockey game with Natalie when I slipped and fell on some ice. As I was falling I heard CRACK - CRACK!!! I knew right away I had broken my leg or ankle or something. I couldn't get up off the sidewalk.

A man that was walking behind us stopped to help and he called and ambulance for me. I was a spectacle for all the other people walking by while we waited for the ambulance because we were walking in a very busy area. Natalie was so sweet and helpful in keeping me calm and she even rubbed my bum to warm me up because I was freezing sitting on the ice and snow.

I was taken into the ER and after the most painful x-rays you could imagine and a ton of morphine I found out that I broke both bones in my lower leg (Tibula and Fibula). When I hurt myself I do it big. The doctor told me that I needed to have surgery as soon as possible and that they would be putting a metal rod and screws in my leg.

To say I was a wreck is an understatement.

I ended up having the surgery the next day. And went home from the hospital a few days later. My surgeon said I can't put any weight on my leg for at least 6 weeks, I will probably be using crutches for support for about 3 months and that it will take 5 to 6 months until I am fully healed. I'm almost 1 month in and I'm already losing my mind. I still cant walk but I am moving around easier.

Oh but thats not the only news... I also got "let go" from by job due to my injury. They said that it was an "undetermined amount of time until I would be returning" which is absolute B.S. because I told them 6 weeks from the very beginning. Whatever... it's being dealt with because that is illegal.

So thats what I have been up to! What about you?

I took a few pics along my process and since we bloggers love to share things with each other I thought I would post them too.

This was taken from my hospital bed before I had surgery. They set it in a temporary splint for over night.

I took this the day I left the hospital. Its my Frankenstein staples. Gross.
I don't have a cast because of the metal rod.

Finally at home... with a leg so swollen I got a nice lookin' cankle.
It might be hard to see but I had bruising all over my leg.
Staples out and now I just have the Frankenstein scars. (there are more by my ankle too).


Kendall said...

Holy Hell lady, you really don't go halfway when it comes to injuries. Hope your healing is coming along well.

Hugs from down south,


Namine said...

oh get lots of rest and I hope you are up and moving soon! I hope things get fix with the job letting you go cause that is ridiculous!

overtheprairies said...

Firstly, I'd like to clarify there was a layer of clothing in between my hand and your bum.

Secondly, it's good to see you recovering slowly but surely. You've been a fighter the whole way through!

Mich said...

haha yes Nat, there WAS a layer of clothing between your hand and my bum. i should have clarified that part.

Rachel said...

Oh dear LORD, lady! OUCH! :(

I hope you're not in pain anymore! :(

Pam said...

WOW!! I hope you feel better soon!!

Lucia said...

OMG Mitch I haven't been in a long long while...I'm so sorry to hear about your injury! AND JOB, are you fighting them? or going to this is a travesty!!!!

Take care. Luce