Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Inside Scoop on Pirate Beards?

I had this conversation via BBM this morning with one of my BFF's and just had to share it:

Me - Random question - do people with long beards wash them with shampoo?

Her - Hmmmm...
I hope so.

Me - Hmmm I wonder.

Her - I love you. You just made my whole day.

Me - Next time I see someone with a long pirate beard I'm gonna ask them.

Her - Do it!!
I'm going to ask my dad later. He has lots of biker friends.

Me - Perfect! An inside scoop!

My question was answered this afternoon:

Her - Long beards need shampoo.

Me - How did you find out?

Her - My dad!

Me - Your dad is a brilliant man. Full of important knowledge.

Her - I know!!

Me - Now I know that if I ever decide to grow a full beard I will need to stock up on extra shampoo.

The more you know...

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Namine said...

hahahahah never thought about it before! Good question be sure to share your answer if you get one!!