Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A dream is a wish your HEART makes??

For the past few weeks I have been having the strangest dreams. Before, I was able to blame them on the pain killers I was taking for my leg but I'm not on them anymore so now I have nothing to blame except my own crazy brain (or my heart according to Disney).

Crazy Dream #1 - Last week I had dinner with my housemates and the conversation led to talk about "end of the world" situations, religion and how society would deal if something huge ever happened. Later that night before bed I was watching a movie about human trafficking. Needless to say I had a very disturbing dream and although I can't remember many details now I felt very uneasy the entire next day.

Crazy Dream #2 - A few weeks ago I had a dream that I went to my Junior High School reunion (Junior???) and decided to walk back to my old house to remember the good old days or something stupid like that. Along the walk I saw my best friend in her car... in a lesbian make out session with her co-worker. Both of which are not gay and both live with their boyfriends and will probably be getting engaged by the end of this year. Strange.

Crazy Dream #3 - Friday night I had a dream that it was my wedding day. It was at a theatre or some place with balconies (you all know how dream details are a blur sometimes). Well, I was wearing a HIDEOUS poof-ball of a dress.

I didn't even want anyone to see me in it. For some reason I had to come out and stand at the alter before my groom (???) and everyone was giving me crazy looks because of my ugly dress. I was standing at the alter with out a veil on and was very upset about it. Apparently I left it up to one of my friends to find me a veil so when I was standing at the alter they finally brought it to me and it looked something like this. But poofier. Awesome.

Next thing I knew my groom, who is actually my ex boyfriend from 5 years ago who I most definitely would NOT be marrying in real life, burst into the room. He announced in front of everyone that he didn't want to marry me and then just walked out.

Crazy Dream #4 - When I was at the hospital with my broken leg, they had to put me to sleep to set the bone before I had my surgery the next day. When they woke me up from that I was disoriented and turned to my parents and said "Noooo!!! Put me back to sleep. I was just dancing with Ryan Reynolds and Scarlet was no where around!" My parents were laughing at me but I was serious. Then I said "and Johnny Depp was waiting for me too... I need to go back!!!!".


Namine said...

hahah love dream number 4. I've had that happen before! sucks about the poof-ball dress

Anonymous said...

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