Thursday, September 23, 2010

Shiz The Fisherman Says - Vol. I

Some of you (most of you) have probably wandered over to Li-Lu-Land at some point in your days of blogging or blog lurking (yes, you lurkers... we know you're out there. We have ways of tracking you). For the few of you who have no idea who Lilu is... here you go. You're welcome.

Now back to my point...

If you have ever been to Lilu's blog you are probably firmiliar with a little something she likes to call "Shiz My Boyfriend Says". Trust me that man of hers says some crazy shiz. Her posts got me thinking about The Fisherman and the random ramblings he says and I realized they were completely post worthy.

So ladies and gents... here you go:

One of the first times I was over at his house he wanted to show me something in the basement which I had never seen before (side note... he wanted to show me his guitar and other musical instruments. Hearing your man playing rock songs for you is so HOT). Anyhoo... as we were walking down to the basement:

Me - "is your basement developed"

Fisherman - "its a little immature"


A few months back Leah, The Fisherman, Work BFF and I all went out for some beers/dancing. This was a few days after Leah had her second seizure and we were all a little worried about her but she had been secluded in the house for 3 days and needed to get OUT. Leah's boyfriend called and was not pleased with the fact that she was out. When she hung up the phone:

Fisherman - "Was that your boyfriend?"

Leah - "Yeah... he's just worried about me being out"

Fisherman - "Tell him not to worry. Just tell him you are out having a few beers, you arent having any Caesar's"

(womp womp)


There are many more of these little blurbs to come. Lately they have all been a little inappropriate... I might just have to save them for a TMI Thursday post.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The days are getting shorter… and the nights are getting hotter…

In a blink it became fall in Calgary. In fact it might have just happened while I was at work today. This afternoon I was driving from one job to the next (I work 2 jobs… I’m hard core like that…) and I noticed that there were yellow leaves just sprinkled everywhere.

(its doesnt look like that QUITE yet here... but give it a week and I'm pretty sure it will...)

Don’t get me wrong, I love the fall. I love turtlenecks and boots and scarves and everything orange, but I felt like these golden drying out leaves were taunting me… whispering in cute little voices “winter’s coming… la-la-la… no more summer for you… la-la-la”.

Those little bitches.

Anyhoo… although the fall and winter are sadly just around the corner, I am very much looking forward to the many nights I will spend snuggled up with The Fisherman. Drinking wine, watching Entourage and/or just enjoying each other’s company. It may be colder outside but I can guarantee you that I will be kept warm!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Why I believe in mediums, psychics, and the other side.

I’m a skeptic, especially when it comes to “the other side” or anything regarding communicating with spirits. So when my mom asked me to go see a medium with her a few years ago after my sister passed away I gave her a look of “have you lost your mind??” and then realized that she didn’t lose her mind, her heart was shattered and she was looking for some sort of comfort. So I told her I would go with her for support.

On the drive there I was the acting adult and told my mom “don’t feed her information” and “make sure she doesn’t take you for a fool and scam you for more money”. As I said… I was skeptic.

When we got to the mediums “office” (by office I mean home), we met a younger lady. She seemed normal. No scarves wrapped around her head or Spencer Pratt gems hanging anywhere (click on that link… its worth it) She just had a table and some candles burning. She welcomed us in and said that my sister “wasn’t there yet” but she knew we were coming because she had been around the medium all day. I rolled my eyes and sat down. The three of us (medium, me and my mom) just started talking about how it would work and mid-sentence I swear I felt shivers like I have never felt before. It felt like a head to toe ZING!! It was to the point where I sat straight up in my chair and looked right at my mom. She said “did you feel that???”
The medium said “your sister is here”.

(To this day I have only felt shivers like that once more, it was when I was driving and I honestly burst into tears after).

Still not convinced that the medium was for real (she could have had some A/C blasting or something… people are tricky) I waited for her to start talking. My mom asked a few questions and the answers seemed pretty general and nothing that made me really believe in it.

Not until my mom said “did she like what we did for her funeral?” (my poor mom… so distraught and confused… she didn’t know what to ask). The medium replied and said “yes, she was there in spirit, you know she was**. She’s telling me everything was beautiful and that she really liked her… socks??” The medium sort of laughed at that point thinking that it was a ridiculous thing to say but my mom and I knew why… When we had to choose the clothing for her to wear we chose very simple black clothes but we secretly chose bright rainbow colored toes socks. No one in the entire world knew that except me, my mom and whoever dressed her at the funeral home.

** We knew she was there because the power went out at the moment everything started to get too serious. And during the funeral it was the loudest thunderstorm ever, it actually sounded like they were moving furniture in the room next to us, as soon as the funeral was over, I mean the SECOND it was over, when the car got around the corner, the rain stopped and the brightest rainbow came across the sky**

The medium also said “she’s showing me a cross necklace with a stone in the middle” (exactly what she wore)… “and a ring…” when she said ring she pointed to her middle finger on her left hand. But not where you would wear a ring normally, it was half way down her finger before the knuckle.

At the funeral when my family and I had our last moments with her before closing the casket my little sister took her hand and put a ring on it. It was too small to fit so it sat half way down her finger… on the ring finger of her left hand.

Again, no one except my family knew that.

That’s when I believed.

She told us some other very personal things. None of which I could really explain. When my mom and I left, we didn’t speak to each other on the drive home. We both just sat there in deep in thought. The only way I can describe the experience is creepy, yet comforting.

I have had some other eerie moments over the years when I just knew deep down it was my sister letting me know she’s there. It truly helps me to know she’s always watching out for me.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Ummm I think I’ve lost my job, without actually losing my job… yet.

Are you confused? So am I.

Ok here’s the scoop. So as I've mentioned before, the company I work for is lame and I want to leave. Three other people (out of six) have very recently quit. I have been on the job hunt for a while now but haven’t found the right new job yet. After all of the other resignations my supervisor (the one I mentioned here…) pulled me into her office and asked me if I was happy working there. Now although she can be a biotch at times, she is not the owner of the company and I feel like I could confide in her if needed. She looked me straight in the eye and asked me if I was planning on leaving. I couldn’t lie to her. I told her that I was actively looking and that I will be leaving (hopefully) somewhat soon (for reasons which she said she completely understood). She also told me that whatever she and I talked about in her office that day wouldn’t leave her office.

She lied.

She went and told the owners that I was planning on leaving. Fuck.

Now, my position there is not one that is easy to replace or train for. So in a panic she started interviewing for my position… which I hadn’t even quit yet! She then pulled me into her office last week and told me that they had a plan. They found someone they want to hire to replace me, and they want me to give my 2 week resignation from that position and then stay on as a “floater” until the end of October if needed. The pros for me are that I am guaranteed work until the end of October and that I can leave at any point with no notice if I find something after my 2 weeks is up. The cons are if I don’t find something by the end of October… I’m so screwed!

So somehow they are letting me go… but not really.

This just adds to why I hate working for this company and why I can’t wait to get out of there. So pray for me blog-land. Pray I find something AMAZING before the end of October!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sleeping Beauty...

Some days I am so jealous of her. 

I wish I could be sleeping so peaceful in a far away tower just like her. I bet its so quiet up there. No alarm clocks. No construction outside her window. No one to wake her up except her Prince Charming. 

It would be perfect. 

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I’m a wanderer…

Some people know what they want to do for a career from the moment they can speak.
Some people are told what they are going to become, usually by parents or other family members and they do it.

And then there are people like me… wanderers.

I have no clue what I want to do for a career. I’m 26; one would think I would have some idea by now but nope. Nothing.

Instead I want to do everything and nothing.

I want to become a photographer and travel the world and take pictures of the beauty that I see in everyday things. But then again I want to work in a 9–5 office job for the rest of my life for the routine of it because then I would know what to expect and where my next pay cheque will come from and where my stapler is. And I would know that I would be home every day in time to watch Ellen.

I want to be a wedding planner and help couples create the most magical day of their lives. But then again I don’t want to work on weekends… or deal with psycho brides.

I want to be a food critic, or a secret shopper, or a judge on Americas Next Top Model, or a flight attendant, or a writer for Hallmark, or a sunglasses designer, or a professional blogger. But I don’t like any of those ideas enough, or have enough drive that I would want to do them for the rest of my life.

No not me, instead I will be one of those people who at 90 years old will have a list of (I’m assuming) 42 jobs that I have held in my lifetime.

And to be honest… its sounds so damn exciting!