Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The $hit is gonna hit the fan…

Here’s the scoop.

I hate my job.

I hate the company that I work for.

I love the people I work with (most of them).

I work for a construction company. It’s a fair sized company but there are tons of employees who work on site and aren’t in the office very much. In fact there are only 6 people who work in the office and do the administrative work. I am one of them.

Last week I had an interview with a WAY BETTER COMPANY to do a WAY BETTER JOB. My interview went really well and I am (fingers crossed) supposed to hear from them on Tuesday to know if I got the job. If I get it, I will be giving my notice a.s.a.f.p. (as soon as freakin possible!).

Here’s where the shit on the fan comes in. The girl who works beside me had a great interview somewhere else last week and found out today she got the job! She is planning on giving her notice on Friday. Then out of no where today at a meeting, we found out that one of the other ladies gave her resignation today. THEN because our receptionist is my work BFF (and outside of work BFF) and tells me everything, I know that in 6 weeks (after her wedding) she is giving her notice as well.

So the team of 6 is going down to 2 all in a matter of weeks. The 3 of us that will be quitting over the next few weeks had a moment of “oh crap… they don’t know what’s about to hit them” after the meeting today.

Well (insert current employer name here), Karma is a bitch!! Maybe if you treated your employees better and not like your slaves they wouldn’t all run.

I might be getting ahead of myself as I haven’t even GOT the new job yet… but keep your fingers crossed for me!


Namine said...

fingers crossed and happy thoughts!!

P said...

Love it!

Hope you get the job!

eJ said...

If you don't get the job and have to stay, maybe they will give you everyone else's salary!

tera said...

I agree. I always think that when someone abruptly quits where I work.
Good luck!

Rachel said...

Hope you get the job!! :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck!!! I know exactly how you feel...*fingers crossed*

kk said...

good luck!

and I think your company is going to finally realize they suck.