Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The days are getting shorter… and the nights are getting hotter…

In a blink it became fall in Calgary. In fact it might have just happened while I was at work today. This afternoon I was driving from one job to the next (I work 2 jobs… I’m hard core like that…) and I noticed that there were yellow leaves just sprinkled everywhere.

(its doesnt look like that QUITE yet here... but give it a week and I'm pretty sure it will...)

Don’t get me wrong, I love the fall. I love turtlenecks and boots and scarves and everything orange, but I felt like these golden drying out leaves were taunting me… whispering in cute little voices “winter’s coming… la-la-la… no more summer for you… la-la-la”.

Those little bitches.

Anyhoo… although the fall and winter are sadly just around the corner, I am very much looking forward to the many nights I will spend snuggled up with The Fisherman. Drinking wine, watching Entourage and/or just enjoying each other’s company. It may be colder outside but I can guarantee you that I will be kept warm!


Alyssa said...

im so sad summer is starting over here. im planning a trip to the us next year purely to get away from Australian summer!!!

Enjoy your fall and winter, but send it back super soon PLEASE!

Pam said...

I miss the fall. The changing of the leaves and everything that goes with it. All I have is Hot weather, mixed with a few days of cool 60 or 70 weather. It hasn't gone below 90 for a high yet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this weekend!!

So send down some cool weather!!

Rachel said...

I love the fall <3

Lynn MacDonald said...

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