Thursday, September 23, 2010

Shiz The Fisherman Says - Vol. I

Some of you (most of you) have probably wandered over to Li-Lu-Land at some point in your days of blogging or blog lurking (yes, you lurkers... we know you're out there. We have ways of tracking you). For the few of you who have no idea who Lilu is... here you go. You're welcome.

Now back to my point...

If you have ever been to Lilu's blog you are probably firmiliar with a little something she likes to call "Shiz My Boyfriend Says". Trust me that man of hers says some crazy shiz. Her posts got me thinking about The Fisherman and the random ramblings he says and I realized they were completely post worthy.

So ladies and gents... here you go:

One of the first times I was over at his house he wanted to show me something in the basement which I had never seen before (side note... he wanted to show me his guitar and other musical instruments. Hearing your man playing rock songs for you is so HOT). Anyhoo... as we were walking down to the basement:

Me - "is your basement developed"

Fisherman - "its a little immature"


A few months back Leah, The Fisherman, Work BFF and I all went out for some beers/dancing. This was a few days after Leah had her second seizure and we were all a little worried about her but she had been secluded in the house for 3 days and needed to get OUT. Leah's boyfriend called and was not pleased with the fact that she was out. When she hung up the phone:

Fisherman - "Was that your boyfriend?"

Leah - "Yeah... he's just worried about me being out"

Fisherman - "Tell him not to worry. Just tell him you are out having a few beers, you arent having any Caesar's"

(womp womp)


There are many more of these little blurbs to come. Lately they have all been a little inappropriate... I might just have to save them for a TMI Thursday post.


LiLu said...

The first rule of Shiz:

It's NEVER inappropriate. Not under the label of shiz. Bring it on.

And thank you for the shout out! :-)

Pam said...

Ha!!! Love this!! I may have to post some of the random stuff Hubby be good.

Thanks for sharing!!