Saturday, December 31, 2011

The One Where I Recap the Craziest Year of my Life.

I started WIM about 5 years ago now and every year I write a post in December recapping what came about in my life that year. 2011 by far was the craziest year with the most extreme highs and extreme lows I have ever gone through.

Lets recap shall we?


- Planned on starting 2011 fresh from all the craziness that happened in 2010 and spent most of my time going to the gym and I even started training again to do another triathlon.

- It didn't last long because...


- slipped on the ice on a random Monday, broke both bones in my lower left leg. Had to have emergency surgery and have a steel rod and screws put into my leg. Couldn't walk for the next 2 months.

- A week after breaking my leg, I was "let go" from my job. (illegally).

- Lost most of my independence (or at least it felt like I did), at 27 years old I had to have my mom help me in and out of the shower, and I even had to have my roommates help put my socks on for me when I was cold because I couldn't bend my knee. Having one leg broken, the other being used for balance and both arms and hands being used to hold yourself up on crutches is hard. its damn hard.

- Spent the rest of the month on my couch, pretty much depressed and feeling sorry for myself.

- A few weeks after breaking my leg the disastrous Tsunami in Japan happened. Since all I could do was sit at home anyways and watch TV, I watched A LOT of the news coverage. The very next day I got my sorry ass up off the couch and realized that I had only broken my leg. I was going to recover and everything would be fine eventually. I had no reason to be depressed. A million and one worse things could have happened to me. I could lost my entire world around me like the people in Japan. Or worse, my actual life. From that point on I wasn't going to feel sorry for myself and I was going to take advantage of every day.


- Spent most of the month recovering. Tried my best to get around on crutches. By the end of the month the doctor told me I could try to walk again.

- Attempted to apply for jobs but it was really hard to apply for jobs when i was having issues getting around and still couldn't drive either.


- Still limping around, I started working shifts at my part time job. It worked out well for me as they were short shifts and it made for an easy transition back to working.

- The opportunity to go to Bloggers in Sin City in May came about. I had tried to convince other blogger friends that I know to go with me but there were no takers, so I did what any unemployed smart person would do... I booked a flight and at the very last minute registered myself to go to Vegas with 67 strangers. I didn't know it at the time but it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.


- My best friend of 15 years got engaged and I was blessed enough to help her now-fiance plan a big surprise and pull off what was a romantic and extremely sweet proposal/engagement party. (read this for more details).

- A few weeks later I got on a plane, a little scared (okay... more than a little) and went to Vegas to meet some A-MAZING people!! I feel that that trip gave me my spark back. I felt like I had lost a little of myself over the last few years and doing something that spontaneous and kinda crazy gave me my zest for life back.


- One of my very close friends told me she decided to move back home to Ontario in a month. I didn't take it very well at first. And then...

- The very next day my other very close friend told me she was leaving her husband and going to move back home to Montreal, THAT DAY. I was torn because I knew she was unhappy here but I was devastated to learn that another person in my close support group was leaving.


- I finally got a full time job and things started to look like they were getting back to "normal" for me. Boy was I wrong...


- In one weekend, (yes... all in one weekend) a friend of mine who is married confessed that he was in love with me and told me that he wanted to leave his wife and that entire part of his life to be with me. Although I care deeply for this friend I would never do that. Ever. Then later on that exact same night I went out to celebrate a friends birthday and ended up meeting someone that would completely steal my heart.

- I spent the rest of the month falling head over heels for him.

- I also ended up going for coffee with my old roommate/ex-best friend who I really didn't want anything to do with BUT her and I are both in my best friends wedding party together and I needed to clear the air between us. I would say it was semi-successful. Things are civil now which is great but its not like we are friends again.


- This new guy who stole my heart... broke it. Then stole it again. Then broke it once more.

- I went to Las Vegas again with my family to celebrate my moms 50th birthday.

- I surprised my dear friend who lives all the way on the other side of the country by showing up for her bachelorette party weekend in Niagra Falls.


- I let myself to get over the heartbreak that took over my summer and ended up meeting someone new. Someone wonderful.


- Went to Toronto to attend the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen let alone could even imagine on my own.

- I reunited with 3 of the sweetest, most genuinely beautiful and kind souled women I have ever known. (3 lovely ladies that moved across the country from me over the last 2 years).

- Most importantly I learned that no matter the distance between you, true friendships will prevail.


- I turned 28 and was blessed by all the love that surrounded me.

- Had what was probably the best Christmas ever.

- Realized that the best part of my year was the last 2 months... and I'm hoping the magic continues on into 2012.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Yesterday was my 28th birthday.

I’ve learned that by the age of 28 you know who is important in your life. They will be the ones to call you to wish you a Happy Birthday, even if it’s just a 30 second phone call from across the country. They know that hearing their voice for those 30 seconds will make your day. The people who care will send you a birthday card (an actual physical one you can hold in your hand and have for years). They will put in more effort than just a facebook wall post. That one phone call or one card is a million times better than 50 wall posts.

I’ve learned that age is nothing but a number… and although that number is getting higher, so is my count of amazing memories and times of laughter with the people I love.

I’ve learned that broken hearts heal. And that when you question, even for a second your importance on this earth God will send you a sign to remind you just how special and loved you truly are.

I’ve learned that you are going to have to deal with rude, stupid, ignorant people in your life but you have to do just that, deal with them and move on. It will make you stronger in the end.

I’ve learned that just because I have a blog doesn’t mean I have to post anything. It’s my own little corner of the internet and I can post whenever and whatever I want. On that note… I’ve also realized that this is my blog and I shouldn’t have to censor what I write incase certain people read it and they don’t want to be mentioned. Guess what… you are/were in my life and if you were part of something I feel like blogging about I am going to do it. Deal with it. If you don’t like what I have to say then stop reading.

I’ve learned that you can’t ever predict what life is going to throw your way so be prepared for curveballs. It’s what makes it all interesting.

I’ve learned that love can move mountains.

And most importantly I’ve learned that it will all be okay in the end. And if it’s not okay, its not the end.

What have you learned in your time?