Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Yesterday was my 28th birthday.

I’ve learned that by the age of 28 you know who is important in your life. They will be the ones to call you to wish you a Happy Birthday, even if it’s just a 30 second phone call from across the country. They know that hearing their voice for those 30 seconds will make your day. The people who care will send you a birthday card (an actual physical one you can hold in your hand and have for years). They will put in more effort than just a facebook wall post. That one phone call or one card is a million times better than 50 wall posts.

I’ve learned that age is nothing but a number… and although that number is getting higher, so is my count of amazing memories and times of laughter with the people I love.

I’ve learned that broken hearts heal. And that when you question, even for a second your importance on this earth God will send you a sign to remind you just how special and loved you truly are.

I’ve learned that you are going to have to deal with rude, stupid, ignorant people in your life but you have to do just that, deal with them and move on. It will make you stronger in the end.

I’ve learned that just because I have a blog doesn’t mean I have to post anything. It’s my own little corner of the internet and I can post whenever and whatever I want. On that note… I’ve also realized that this is my blog and I shouldn’t have to censor what I write incase certain people read it and they don’t want to be mentioned. Guess what… you are/were in my life and if you were part of something I feel like blogging about I am going to do it. Deal with it. If you don’t like what I have to say then stop reading.

I’ve learned that you can’t ever predict what life is going to throw your way so be prepared for curveballs. It’s what makes it all interesting.

I’ve learned that love can move mountains.

And most importantly I’ve learned that it will all be okay in the end. And if it’s not okay, its not the end.

What have you learned in your time?


Namine said...

OMG HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you had a fantastic day.

I am not sure what I've learned. I think the lesson I am learning right now is that I am strong than I knew and can do a whole lot more than I ever realized.

Rachel said...

Happiest of birthdays, my friend! :) Hope it was fantastic! ;)

AugustFun said...

HappyBirthday Mich

This summer I learned that the heart is a complicated thing...That one may be an amazing person but sadly not the true soulmate. I love reading your adventures and please don't feel bad about posting things that may embarass or make others uncomfortable.

Merry Christmas...Happy Kwanzaa!

Caryn said...

First of all, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!xoxoxo I had no idea! SECOND- my birthday was the 24th - doesn't it suck to you have your birthday during the holiday season? oye! I feel you! and I completely whole heartedly agree with you about facebook and birthdays. I'd so much rather get a call or even a text instead of a facebook message. it is the lazy, impersonal way out. p.s I want to copy this post because i totally agree with you. but i won't. Happy birthday again!

miss you tons.