Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Love is in the air...

So... remember last week when I posted about the "Dream Love List"? Well... when I posted that I knew a secret.

I knew that last night by best friends boyfriend was going to propose to her. And that he was going to do it at a restaurant. And that right after he caught her off guard and proposed to her, he would lead her blindfolded to a different room downstairs at the restaurant where 30 of their closest friends and family were waiting to surprise her and celebrate the magical moment.

It was spectacular. I talked to her this morning and she told me it was by far the greatest night of her life. That gives me chills. I was so beyond grateful to be able to help plan and pull off the big surprise.

I can't wait to help her plan her big day, the day we have talked/dreamed/planned about since we were 12.

I can't wait to see her marry the man of her dreams.

Love... is amazing.


GingerMandy said...

this gives me hope for the world... adorbs.

Namine said...

Oh my god that is so awesome and exactly what I was secretly hoping for!