Wednesday, May 4, 2011

This is what happens when...

I am left working alone in an empty show home with no internet or phone for hours and the only thing I have is my MacBook.

I'm not vain. Just bored out of my mind.
Im sure the neighbors had a good laugh if they saw me.

(this one was actually taken at my house a while back but the "headless Mich" was too weird and funny to not include it.

Also... I plan on bringing my laptop to Vegas/BiSC so be prepared to take awesome pictures like this with me if you are going too! Two weeks! Woop Woop!!


GingerMandy said...

wish i was going so we could hang out! make a pit stop in LA in your way back :)

Namine said...

hahaha these are so awesome!!

ameena said...

photobooth is only one of my favorite way to pass the time! love them all.