Sunday, October 3, 2010

A reminder for myself.

I wrote this poem over a year ago. I was on my way to work and the words just kept coming. As soon as I got to work a grabbed a notepad and just kept on writing. I was at an eye-opening point in my life and I knew that things were changing for the better.


When you least expect it
You’ll feel the spark.
It will pull you in from the cold,
Shine light into your dark.

Sights, sounds, tastes,
Will all seem brand new.
You can face the world with your head held high
… Confident in you.

But how? You wonder.
How can you make this be?
Take a long look in the mirror
… See what I see.

Every wrinkle, spot or line.
Every freckle… all part of a design.
It’s what makes you who you are,
What makes your face different than mine.

Can you just imagine,
What’s deeper inside?
Every feeling, every heartbeat,
Everything your body can hide.

No one else can be you.
They can’t even try.
So again, look in the mirror,
Take a deep breath and sigh.

Be true to yourself.
Be true to your soul.
Wake up every morning
With an exquisite life as your goal.

Let the past be the past,
Tomorrow is a new day.
Start with loving yourself
And your life will change in everyway


LiLu said...

This is absolutely beautiful. <3

Leah said...

I don't know how I missed this blog post earlier, but it is beautiful, Mich. That poem is incredible.