Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Stampede Pledge

If you choose to take this pledge with me, please remove your Cowboy hat and repeat the following:

I vow that for the next 10 days, my attire will consist of at least one, preferably all, of the following items:

Cowboy Hat
Cowboys Boots
Sheriff Badge

I vow that I will begin most conversations with “Howdy” and end most conversations with either a “Yahoo” or a tip of my hat.

I vow that for the next 10 days, mini donuts are acceptable as their own food group.

I vow that free pancakes are the greatest breakfast around because not only are they delicious but they will absorb any left over alcohol from the night before.

I vow that it is perfectly acceptable to drink a beer with my free morning pancakes.

I vow that all deep-fried food on a stick is wonderfully delicious and worth the money and guilt.

I vow that hangovers and diets are all to be dealt with AFTER July 18th.

I vow to two-step and line-dance until the cows come home.

And most importantly, I vow that whatever happens at The Calgary Stampede… STAYS at the Calgary Stampede.

Let games begin…


Namine said...

so where are you going for all your breakfasts?? I have only heard of one?? Not really a fan of plaid, but I'm excited to actually do stampede this year!!

Mich said...

Namine - check this link out. you will find all the pancakes your little heart desires! LOL

Leah said...

LOVE! I just took the pledge with you.

eJ said...

I will never understand any of this.