Monday, December 27, 2010

A Year in Review - 2010

A lot of things happened to me this year. Lets recap shall we?


- Met and instantly became friends with work BFF
- Invited her to a games night with Leah and Natalie and the LeMoNS were formed
- Started my brief "affair" with a coworker I blog-named "Freddy". What a mistake THAT was


- Probably sulked because I was single yet again for Valentines Day
- Was a proud Canadian during every moment of the 2010 Winter Olympics
- Spent a lot of time with "D"
- Went to my Great Aunts funeral, she passed away after a long life of 103 years


- Was completely shocked when "D" suddenly moved away to Ottawa a month before he was set to leave and didn't even tell me until after he was already there
- Started going to Trivia Tuesdays and was hooked
- Adopted my kitten Maya.


- Revamped my bloggity-blog
- Met "Jimmy Fallon"


- Ditched the liar that is "Jilly Fallon"
- Met "The Fisherman" the same night that I realized "Jimmy Fallon" was a complete ass


- Started dating "The Fisherman" after a bit of hesitation due to the age difference between us
- Spent as much time as possible with the LeMoNS since we knew that sadly we would be separating soon


- Stampeded my ass off
- Cried my eyes out when Leah moved away. (It was the epitome of the ugly cry)


- Enjoyed every bit of sunshine that I could
- Realized my new found love for rafting on the Bow River and Bud Light Lime
- Travelled to Montreal with the LeMoNS for approximately 46 hours for Work BFF's wedding
- Let myself fall further and further into my relationship with "The Fisherman"


- Threw a surprise party for some friends birthdays and made minute-to-win-it games (BEST idea ever!!)
- Cried my eyes out AGAIN when Work BFF and her new hubby moved to New Zealand for 7 months


- Participated (and almost fully completed) Sober October
- Had my heart shattered by "The Fisherman"
- Picked my broken heart back up and faced the world again
- Realized just how lucky I am to have Natalie and Leesh as my friends
- Met "Mac" on halloween while dressed as a Greek Goddess


- Started seeing "Mac"
- Slowly stopped being vegetarian
- Was there for my best friend when she lost her sister tragically
- Decided that I want to write a book


- Had a great birthday!
- Had an even better Christmas
- Relaxed with my first full week off all year (isn't that crazy??)
- Started writing my book

The year was full of extreme highs and lows. Im really hoping that this next year evens out a bit. I don't need a roller coaster again. But what I DO need is a vacation...


Namine said...

wow what a crazy year. Good Luck writing your book! Can't wait to read it!

Chele76 said...

damn that was a fast year. Lots happen to, and don't forget that your stringer for going through all those experiences. I just may steal your idea and perform a year in review as well.

Rachel said...

Lady, lady, lady!! You've been distant from blog-land and I feel like I have no idea what's going on in your life!! :) Fill us in! :)

Anonymous said...

Just catching up on my blogs after the holidays...I enjoy this one, and have been so happy to have our friendship blossom over the past year.