Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Trivia Tuesdays - Vol II

1 - What are the names of these boys? (the characters)

2 - What music video is this?

3 - What TV show is this? 


Brian in Mpls said...

1.) If you tell me their names let me know I bet they have a good drug habit and might make a nice addition to my 2011 death pool.

2.)I think the song is called sexy girl on a chair with a hat looking at Dennis Leary.

3.) Gummi Bears bouncing here and there and every where..

Alyssa said...

1) nicki and alex- full house!

thats all i know :)

Samantha said...

I know #1 is Nicki and Alex from Full House and the cartoon looks familiar, but I don't know the name. These are awesome trivia questions :)

LiLu said...

That's Carebears, right? They used to freak me out.

YES, I'm weird. ;-)

sarah-doan said...

# 1 - Nicki and Alex Katsopolis from Full House (Do I get bonus points for the last name, lol?)

#2 - I think it's "Always" by Bon Jovi. That might not be the right name though...

# 3 - GUMMI BEARS! :)

meg said...

1 - Nicky and Alex from Full House

2 - Crazy by Aerosmith

3 - Gummi Bears?

I think those are right.