Thursday, May 20, 2010

Life is precious.

Sometimes I complain about the silly things in my life. Boys, money, friends (well... not anymore), being single. 

They are not important. They are insignificant. They are not worth bitching over. 

A married couple I know just had a baby. They are wonderful people. He is a doctor. They lived in Australia for a year and planned on moving there once they started a family. They love each other so much and were ecstatic when they found out they were having a baby. 

Last Friday their baby was born. I don't know all the details/medical terms but he was born lacking oxygen in his brain and has been suffering many seizures since birth. They haven't left the hospital and their entire lives are upside down. 

He (the father) sent out an email to update friends and family and reading it completely broke my heart. He (being a doctor) knows that if their baby makes it, the chances of living a normal life is very slim to none. He wrote about their plans to teach him how to surf in Australia, and how now those dreams just show an empty surfboard. 

I can't even imagine the emotions they are going through right now. She has only been able to hold her baby for a few minutes over the last week. Its not fair. 

My thoughts are with them and I pray that they can make it through this as a couple, and hopefully a family. 


Kerrie said...

I am praying for them as well. My youngest aunt suffered as a baby very similar to your friends. It is a VERY sad situation that you wish no one has to experience. My aunt is a person that I am blessed to know everyday. I am sending thoughts and prayers their way.

Rachel said...

My heart goes out to your friends... XO