Monday, December 31, 2012

The 12 Days of Christmas Recap

(a little late... but I've been busy this Holiday Season)

 On the Twelfth Day of Christmas my girlfriend gave to me...

A Twelve Pack of Beer

Eleven Pickled Pickles (heehee) 

Ten Timbits

Nine Lady Fingers

Eight Laughing Cheeses

Seven Shortbread Cookies

Six Scratch Tickets

Five Gooooolden Baaaalls!

 Four Funny Movies

Three French Toasts

Two Turtle Doves

And a Peanut Butter Cupcake from Crave!


P said...

i'm having a major french toast craving now thanks to that photo. It looks amazing!

terra said...

And you absolutely win for the most adorable gifting endeavor EVER - love it all!

Casey Palmer said...

Utterly adorable. It's sometimes the little gestures in life, like adding a fun theme to a season, that can make all the difference :)

Thanks for being awesome!