Sunday, December 30, 2012

30 Before 30... The List.

Last week I turned 29. Which means that I have one year to complete this list I created over the last few months. So lets get to it shall we? 

30 Before 30

1 – Host a dinner party for 6 people.
2 – Lose at least 30 lbs
3 – Lay on a beach in the sun while drinking margaritas
4 – Blog 30 days in a row
5 – Sing karaoke
6 - Have $_____ in savings (I know the number but I don't think I need to put it onto my blog) 
7 - Celebrate my 30th b-day in style!
8 – Write a good chunk of my book.
9 – Host a theme party
10 – Have a completely Sober October
11 – Do something that is completely selfless.
12 – Do something that scares me.
13 – Send 5 people cards for no reason in particular except to make their day.
14 – Forgive my sister…
15 – Wear red lipstick (not on Halloween)
16 – Write a poem that I’m proud of.
17 – Fly a kite.
18 – Play hooky from work and get day drunk.
19 – Watch every movie that has won an Academy Award for Best Picture. (already started this one! If you want a copy of the list let me know) 
20 – Create a funny youtube video.
21 – Try 10 foods I’ve never had before.
22 – Sign up for a fitness class and attend all classes. No excuses.
23 – Cook a new recipe every month – one that I’ve never tried before.
24 – Go on a vacation, somewhere hot. 
25 – Put a tag/sticker on ALL articles of my clothes and shoes. If I don’t wear it by the end of the year, get rid of it.
26 – Try to only wax my legs for the whole year, no shaving.
27 – Buy coffee for the person behind me in line at Tim Horton’s.
28 – Teach someone something new.
29 – Figure out the “art” of liquid eye liner. 
30 – Drink tea everyday. 

I will let you know how it progresses! 

p.s. - I totes need to blog about my birthday... it was truly the most magical day! And about Christmas. And about my 2012 in review. Oye... I just need to blog in general! 


terra said...

Love the list, lady! I still haven't figured out the art of liquid eye liner either.

Casey Palmer said...

Make sure not to do #18 while trying to do #10 ;)

If I can help you with #20 or #21 at BiSC, make sure to let me know :D