Saturday, October 20, 2012

I'm baaaaaack!!

Oh hey there… (waving with shame for not blogging for 6 months. Sad panda. That’s almost grounds to have my BiSC badge taken away… except BiSCuits are so awesome and amazing and they would never do that. Right?) 

Anyhoo… yes! I’m still alive and although I contemplated deleting my blog a few months ago I remembered once again that the blog world is amazing and caring and full of love and wonderful people and something I want… nay, NEED to be part of. 

So let’s get some coffee and catch up shall we? 

First of all… I LIVE WITH A BOY!!! 

What the shit is that? Having sisters my whole life I’ve never lived with any other male besides my dad and my favorite childhood cat named Turbo. I miss that little tiger. But now there is this 6 foot 4 bearded man in my space. Taking up room in my closet. Leaving his underwear on the floor. Watching FOOTBALL? I no longer live in a girly home. It’s now a place where a couple reside. So weird. And this will probably result in many “Adventures of Living with a Man” blog posts. Stay tuned. 

Work is work. Bleh... 

Over the last year my best friend got married, my man-friend and I went on a romantic getaway to the mountains, I went dog sledding, I made some new friends, grew apart from other friends, had a few weeks where I was in and out of the hospital, and basically lived my life figuring out WHO MICH IS (see what i did there? I'm so witty). 

So lets get this blog back on the road and write! 


Angela Wiebe said...

Welcome Back!!! CONGRATS!!! On your many new adventures!!

terra said...

YAY LADY! I've missed you! And you're too awesome to ever have your BiSC badge revoked!