Monday, November 14, 2011

The Online Dating Saga...

Say what? I have blog? Oh right!! I almost forgot. That's perfect because I have a few stories to share.

So remember those blog posts I wrote earlier this summer all about the fantastic guy I met and how I was so head over heels smitten for him? Well he broke my heart. Enough said. Moving on.

So i signed up for online dating. I have gone out with on dates with 3 guys so far.

Bachelor #1 - meh... thats all.

Bachelor #3 - (yes i skipped #2... we will get to him....) he's funny and sweet and has the same sense of humor as me and so far things are moving along just lovely. After the heartbreak this summer I am taking things slowly and as they come and so far things with Bachelor #3 are great. If things continue you will definitely be hearing more from him. (Quick note - I was his date to a halloween party and he went as Craig the Spartan Cheerleader - aka Will Ferrels the perfect cheer character from SNL - and did the cheers all night. How awesome is that, right?)

Bachelor #2 - We talked for about a week and then he asked me out. He got tickets to the football game and it was a great first date idea. I wasn't really feeling like I would date him again though but he was a really nice guy and i didn't want to write him off completely. I mean we have all heard of those couples that are married now who one of them wasn't into the other at first right? (cough, cough, Farah... ). Anyways we talked a lot by email. So Halloween weekend i was super busy. I went on 2 dates with Bachelor #3 including the Halloween party and then on the Sunday I was suffering from the worst hangover known to man-kind. Bachelor #2 had sent me a few texts over the weekend but I either didn't respond or said I was really busy.

Monday morning came around and I was alive again after surviving my jello shooter induced hangover and I sent him an email to see how his weekend went. No response. Didn't phase me one bit actually. Then Tuesday I go into work to an email basically saying how he was mad that I didn't respond to him all weekend and how he thought I was rude at the football game (????) and how he didn't want to talk to me anymore. Well I guess he stayed home sick on Monday and sent that email late Monday night, before he went into work on Tuesday and saw my email. As I was reading his harsh "break up" email another one from him came through apologizing profusely for his previous email and saying how now he DID want to talk to me blah blah freakin blah. And 5 minutes later another email came through... saying the same things all over again.

I was extremely busy at work and was in meetings all morning so when I came back to my desk 2 hours later to see 2 MORE emails from him I was beyond annoyed. I didn't even know what to say really. On my lunch break I started typing out a response and yet again... another email came through from him.

I guess he wasn't listening when I told him flat out prior to our date that I didn't want any pressure.

Moving on...


Kaylee said...

Basically, boys are dumb.

Hey, let's email you seventy billion times and then play it cool and then smother you with all of the things and then hide for a week.

I think that's in their handbook or something.

Terra said...

Weird. I'd say it's a good thing you get to check out his crazy before getting too far down the road with him.

The Creative Mixx said...

I totally agree with Terra! I'm curious to hear how your online dating situation pans out. I've been down that road myself in the past and haven't had much luck. But then again, I've heard that some people have met "the one" online. So, you never know:)