Sunday, June 6, 2010

I see dead people...

The title of this post might seem strange especially because I am writing about dating... just keep reading. It will all make sense.

Alright... so a few days ago I posted the question asking your opinions on what age is too old for me to date and all of you left great comments. The reason I posted that question to begin with is because (as previously mentioned) some (2) "older gentlemen" hit on me/got my phone number last weekend. Since then I have gone on dates with both of them... with very different outcomes.

Bachelor #1 - The "Grizzly" Bear - When we met, he asked for my number before the age question came up. He looked to me (and my friend) to be about 29 - 32... turns out he is 42. I was a little weirded out by that number (ok... more than a little) but he was a really nice guy and I am very open to meeting new and different people right now so when he asked me out to dinner on Sunday I was game. We had dinner and talked and it was fun but he reminded me of my ex and I just wasn't feeling it so I had decided that I probably wouldn't go out with him again.

Then the next morning I received one of the lamest/cheesiest text messages ever:

"Here's my thoughts for the day... I wish the grass wasn't so green. I wish the sky wasn't so blue. I wish I wasn't so damn attracted to you"


I didn't respond. I couldn't. Then yesterday (after a few normal texts through out the week) he, out of no where sends me this:

"What did the Easter egg say to the boiling water? Its gonna take awhile to get me hard, I just got laid by some chick"

ok... first off, ya that's kind of a funny joke but 1 - we weren't even talking and he randomly sent it to me. I would expect something like that from one of my friends but not a 42 year old who I went on 1 date with. and 2 - its June... its not Easter... wtf?

so... ya... Bachelor #1 is no longer in the running. Not that he had a great shot to begin with.

Which brings us to Bachelor #2. I met him the same night at Bachelor #1 technically but he also goes to the trivia pub night that I go to every week (recognizing each other is how we started talking). He is 38. He looks 32. So according to my housemates rules, one who looks to be an age that is not a Grizzly, is not technically a Grizzly. So for blogging purposes I will just call him Jimmy.

We have gone on 2 dates now. Pizza after trivia night last week and then last night we had a great date. We went to check out the Bodyworks exhibit at the Science Centre (plastic-ized dead people... kinda disturbing at certain parts, but VERY interesting) and then we went to a Thai restaurant for dinner and then to his house for wine and a movie. Such a fun, great date and I was honestly shocked at how much of a gentleman he is. Who knew chivalry wasn't actually dead??

I would definitely go out with him again. He's so great and so far my friends love him too (they have great intuitions). The only downfall I have about him is that he is divorced and has a 3 year old daughter. Those are very big things for me... I am going to have to see how it all plays out.

ps - for those ladies who watch SATC... while watching the movie/snuggling with him last night, I totally found the "nook".... le sigh


Micaela said...

Bachelor number one sounds like a head case, but good luck with #2! Sounds promising!

Thanks so much for your congratulations comment. :)

Rachel said...

Aww! Good for you with "Jimmy"! But def be careful with the divorce/kid thing. Those can definitely be some murky waters. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

I'm way behind, so I haven't had a chance to comment on your previous posts of age difference, but my two cents is that age is just a number.

In most cases.

Like your bachelor number 1, for instance. That's just way too much (or little, depends how you look at it) way too fast.

I've become an advocate for no age barriers, only because my fiance is going to be 36 this year and I'm 22 and a half. We have a nice gap going, but honestly, chivalry is all the rage with guys over 35 it seems. I'll take it!

good luck with Jimmy, I'm interested to see how this works out!

LiLu said...


I seriously just threw up in my hair over those texts.